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The sign command renders text on an object with surfaces tagged with the value 100.


sign [text] [color=text color] [bcolor=background color] [name=name]
[face=face] [q=quality] [i=italics] [mip=mip] [global]


text is the string value to render. If omitted, the sign text defaults to the contents of the object's description field. Conventionally, the description field is used.


The optional color argument specifies the color of the text. If no color is specified, the color will default to white.


The optional bcolor argument specifies the color of the sign's background. If no bcolor is specified, the bcolor will default to blue.


The optional name argument specifies the name of the object to place the sign on.


Introduced in version 4.2

The face string defines which locally installed font face to use for rendered text. The default face is Arial.


Introduced in version 4.2

quality sets the resolution for the sign between 2 and 128. Long signs may need smaller qualities to clearly render.


Introduced in version 4.2

The italics boolean formats rendered text in italics.


By default, signs rendered in Active Worlds do not mip-map, even if the user has mip-mapping turned on in the video settings. The optional mip argument force applies mip-mapping to the sign it is used on.


The optional global argument will cause triggers to initiate the command for all users have the object in view. Without it, the command will be triggered exclusively for the user who activates the trigger (bump, activate, adone). By default, commands are not global.


create sign

Creates a sign using the default color scheme and containing whatever text is in the object's description field.

create sign "Warning!" color=red bcolor=yellow

Creates a sign which says "Warning!" in a rather garish color scheme.

create sign bcolor=FF00FF color=009900

Creates a sign with a bright purple background and green text.

create sign "Warning!" color=red bcolor=yellow face="Courier New" i=on q=128

Creates the warning sign in Courier New font, in italics, and with the best resolution.


  • To get a line break within a sign, press CTRL and ENTER. This is useful for verses in greeting cards.
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