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The adone (animation done) trigger occurs when an animation completes. It can be particularly useful for chaining together multiple actions across multiple objects.


create animate me jump 5 5 200, astop; activate astart; adone noise oeo.wav

This action runs a 5-frame jump animation when the object is clicked on, and then plays the sound file oeo.wav as soon as the animation is complete.

create animate me door 1 1 8000, astop; activate astart, visible off, solid off; adone visible on, solid on

This action paints the texture door1 onto the object when it's loaded into the scene and sets up an 8-second (8000 millisecond) animation timer. Clicking the object then causes it to turn invisible and non-solid, and to begin the 8-second animation timer. When the timer completes, the object is made visible and solid.

Object Scripting


Triggers: CreateBumpActivateAdoneAtCollideSdoneEnter ZoneExit Zone

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