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This is an extended list of worlds found in the main Active Worlds universe. Please note that this list may not be constantly updated and therefore may contain outdated or inaccurate information.

AWI Sponsored Building & Information Worlds

World Theme Public building Tourist-enabled Global Chat Relay Rating ATBot
Atlantis Water & Fantasy Yes Yes Yes G
AW General Yes Yes No PG
America General Yes Yes   PG
AWTeen General Yes Yes No PG
AW911 Organization     No  
AWBingo Entertainment/Gaming     No  
AWCheckers Entertainment/Gaming     No  
AWChess Entertainment/Gaming     No  
AWEC Entertainment/Gaming     No  
AWFX Informative No   No  
AWGames Entertainment/Gaming     No  
AWGate Informative   Yes No  
AWMyths Entertainment/Gaming No Yes    
AWNewbie Informative        
AWRPG Entertainment/Gaming        
AWSchool Informative     No  
AWSpades Entertainment/Gaming     No  
AWSource Information/News No Yes    
AWVoice General        
AWVote Informative     No  
CofMeta Sci-Fi (urban) Yes Yes No G
Colony Sci-Fi (rural) Yes Yes No PG13
CyAwards Yearly Event No Yes No  
JunoDome Entertainment/Gaming No Yes No No
Mars Sci-Fi (Martian) Yes Yes No G
Yellow Yellowstone Park Yes Yes No PG
WildAW General (no rules) Yes Yes No  
Winter Winter Holiday Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

AWI Sponsored Worlds

World Theme Public building Tourist-enabled Rating
!@Mart Shopping   Yes  
AW@War Entertainment/Gaming      
AWSource Informative No Yes G
abc Building/Test Yes    
ACT Organization No No G
Aurora Entertainment No Yes PG13
CitBingo Entertainment/Gaming   Yes PG
DAAP Gallery      
Dmc2u Photo Gallery No Yes PG13
Flagg04 Informative No   G
Hole Urban Limited Yes PG
Storage General Yes    
TheBeans     Yes  
Tours Informative      

Citizen Sponsored Worlds

World Theme Public building Tourist-enabled Rating
Akrapoli Sales World No Yes G
Akrapol2 Sales World No Yes G
Canyon Medieval/Fantasy   Yes PG
Harps Harp Information No Yes G
Hyria Entertainment/informative/edu Yes - limited Yes G
Mythopia Fantasy Entertainment No No G
OhMy!!! General No No PG-13
Pelican Sales World No Yes PG-13
Sh3d Project world No Yes G
Sh3d1 Pioneer World No No G
Sh3d2 Fantasy Entertainment No Yes G
Sh3d3 Test world No No G
Virlands General   Yes G