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Horizon City Tower
The Communities Portal

Communities is a loose term in Active Worlds, used to refer to any groups of people that have come together to engage in collaborative building or design. Also known as cities, communities are the lifeblood of public building worlds -- specifically Alphaworld and AWTeen -- though they can exist anywhere in the universe. Communities are strictly non-profit groupings of people and buildings, and have more in common with clubs or organizations than businesses.

This portal is not to be confused with the ActiveWiki Community Portal, a resource for editors and the specific ActiveWiki Community.
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Featured Communities

SW City Teleport Circle

SW City

SWC Productions Lead

SW City is the most popular community in the Active Worlds Universe, and is host to a large library of lore, as well as a small-scale mmorpg called SW City Interactive.

Horizon City Teleport Circle

Horizon City


Horizon City is a long-standing community in Alphaworld and is perhaps best known for its circular shape in plan. It is generally credited to be among the first communities to adopt the prolific, circular Ground Zero design.

Creating A Community

New Arklay City, a successful community from 2004-2007 founded upon this method.

Practically anyone can create a community with a small amount of initiative, charisma, and talent. Communities on the whole are extremely undefined entities, so users are free to organize a group around whatever project they choose in Active Worlds. Historically, most communities have been building-oriented, acting as a group to further a particular building project, such as a town or city.

Creating a community is simple, and by utilizing the tips below you can seed a community as early as today!

  • Find a large, clear tract of a land in the world you wish to start a town in.
  • Seed an object in the area you wish to build your Ground Zero. It's often best to start on an easy coordinate (ex. 1000n 1000e) to remember!
  • Build your ground zero and begin promoting your community!

Read the full guide on creating communities...

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