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Six cube objects, each with a different texture applied
Two pole objects showing improper and proper UV mapping
Four cubes, the bottom cubes containing a texture masking

The texture command paints a new texture onto the surface of an object. The texture is applied to every polygon on the object unless the tag= argument is specified. This command will not work predictably on objects that do not have proper UV texture values specified for its vertices.


texture texture [mask=mask] [tag=tag] [clamp=on][name=name]


The texture argument specifies the name of the texture to apply. The texture must reside on the world's object path.

A special keyword for texture is off or an empty string "", which not only removes any previously applied texture, but also reloads the model from cache so that all initial textures defined with the geometry will be used again unless overwritten by another picture command. Thereby the keyword off is applicable for other than the create trigger. Added in final version of 6.2.


The optional mask argument specifies the name of a mask to apply to the texture. The mask must also reside on the world's object path.


The optional tag argument specifies the numeric tag of the polygon to apply the texture to. Note that using tags does not allow the simultaneous application of different textures to different polygons on the same object; only one "texture" command can be in effect at a time. It is, however, possible to effect multiple surfaces of an object with the same command using the tag parameter if the surfaces have the same tag value.


The clamp=on argument is a boolean value that specifies if texture-address mode (wrap, mirror, clamp) will be overridden. An usage scenario for this option is to enable seamless object-to-object pseudo-tiling on panels that were not explicitly designed for this purpose.


The optional name argument specifies the name of the object to apply the texture to. Object names are assigned via the name command.


create texture brick1

This applies the texture brick1.jpg to all polygons of the current object (see picture).

create texture brick1 mask=booth1m

This applies the texture brick1.jpg along with the booth1m mask (see picture).

activate texture name=wall brick

When the object with this action is clicked, any objects in the scene which have been named "wall" will get the texture named brick applied to them.

Object Scripting


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