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Using create picture on a pict1.rwx in Alphaworld

The picture command downloads the specified image from the web and places it on the object. This command works only on certain objects known as picture objects, which were created with one or more specially tagged polygons with a tag value of 200.


picture url [update=seconds] [name=name] [mip=mip] [clamp=on] [global]


The url argument specifies the image to display. It can be either relative or absolute. Relative URL's are treated as relative to that world's object path. The image must either be in the JPEG, GIF or PNG file format.

A special keyword for url is off or an empty string "", which not only removes any previously applied picture, but also reloads the model from cache so that all initial textures defined with the geometry will be used again unless overwritten by another texture command. Thereby the keyword off is applicable for other than the create trigger. Added in final version of 6.2.


The optional update argument specifies an update interval for the image in seconds, after which the picture will automatically reload itself. This is useful when the URL refers to an online webcam or other image that is frequently changing.


The optional global argument will cause triggers to initiate the command for all users have the object in view. Without it, the command will be triggered exclusively for the user who activates the trigger (bump, activate, adone). By default, commands are not global.


Main Article: Name.


The mip argument is a boolean value that specifies if mip-mapping is applied to the rendered picture. By default, mip-mapping is not applied regardless of graphics settings.


The clamp=on argument is a boolean value that specifies if texture-address mode (wrap, mirror, clamp) will be overridden. An usage scenario for this option is to enable seamless object-to-object pseudo-tiling on panels that were not explicitly designed for this purpose.


create picture www.activeworlds.com/images/awb.jpg

Places a copy of the Active Worlds logo on a picture object.

create picture www.activeworlds.com/images/webcam.jpg update=10

Creates a webcam image and checks for an updated version every 10 seconds.

create picture ab1.jpg

Renders an image from the object path's textures directoy.


  • Like textures, a pictures' dimensions may be scaled to their nearest power of two. For example, an 1280*800 image may be rendered as 1024*512. Non 2^n dimensions can not be used for tiling and cause an overall performance impact.
  • Downloads of external image files may be disabled by the world's security settings.
Object Scripting


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