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Seq (command)




Static avatars, built as normal objects
The avatar objects with various seq commands added

The seq command, short for sequence, takes the specified animation sequence from the object path and applies it to an object. It is useful for creating object avatars that move around in a lifelike manner.


seq sequence [loop OR time=time] [translate] [name=name] [global]


The sequence argument specifies the name of the sequence to apply. The sequence must reside on the world's object path.

loop / time

With the seq command, either one of loop or time parameters can be used. If loop is specified, the animation sequence will play repeatedly and indefinitely. If a time value is used instead, the sequence will play only once within the amount of seconds specified.

If both are omitted, the sequence will play once at its normal speed.


If specified, allows the object to be translated by the sequence. Otherwise, it will stay in place, even if translation moves are defined in the sequence.


As with most other commands, you may choose to specify the name of another object to apply the animation sequence to by using the optional name parameter.


The optional global argument will cause triggers to initiate the command for all users have the object in view. Without it, the command will be triggered exclusively for the user who activates the trigger (bump, activate, adone). By default, commands are not global.


create seq walk loop

This applies an animation called "walk" to the object indefinitely.

create seq dance time=2

This applies an animation called "dance" to the object, playing it within the span of 2 seconds.

Object Scripting


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