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Glenn Curtiss on his V8 motorcycle, Ormond Beach, Florida 1907.

The velocity command applies speed onto a physical object given in a direction vector (x y z) and optionally a rotation speed vector (pitch yaw and roll). The direction of the speed is given in world coordinates, unless the option ltm is used. The rotation causes a spin around the object's own geometric center.


velocity x y z [pitch yaw roll] [ltm]

x y z

The speed into the direction of the 3D axes. The actual applied direction depends if ltm was used.

pitch yaw roll

The speed of the rotations around the 3D axes. The actual rotation axes depend if ltm was used.


The optional ltm statement sets to use the object's local space insteed of the world global coordinate space.


activate velocity 30 0 0 10 0 10

When the user clicks the object, it will sets a speed of 30 meters per second onto the object and it will start to move to the west. It also applies a rotation speed onto the object, causing it to rotate around the x, west-east, and z, north-south, axes.


  • If an applied velocity is too great, the object may clip through other physical objects instead of colliding.

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