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The colltag command assigns a tag to an object so that it may be referenced by an action on another object for use with physical objects. This allows the implementation of multi-object behaviors, such as the where the clicking of one object causes another object to appear or disappear, for example.

The colltag command has no effect by itself and must be used in conjunction with actions on other objects in order to implement behaviors.


colltag number


The number argument is the only argument required for this command. This can be any number in the range from 1 to 4, 294, 967, 295. A zero means as much as no tag would have been assigned.


The following triggers and commands can use colltag to reference objects other than the one they are placed through the use of the name command on the objects to be effected and the name parameter of the command on the controlling object:

Multiple objects may have the same tag assigned. In this case, any actions applied to a given tag will affect all objects in the scene with that tag assigned to them. Note that an object does not have to be showing on your screen to be in the current 3D scene. The Active Worlds browser loads objects into the scene when they fall within your visibility range.

Also, tagged objects built and owned by one citizen cannot be referenced by actions on objects owned by another citizen. For example, if citizen #1 owns an object with the action "create colltag 5", citizen #2 can not get advantage of a collide event trigger by placing another object nearby with the action " create colltag 5; collide say 'Boooh!' ".

For multi-object behaviors, all objects involved must be owned by the same citizen.


create colltag 33

Creates an object with the tag "33" assigned. Other nearby objects can trigger a collide event using the same tag for it. For example, one or more objects using tag "33" and another one is triggering the collision event with them. Note, also the triggering object must have the same tag assigned:

create colltag 33; collide sound splash.wav
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