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Information found on ActiveWiki may...

- Not be accurate.
- Be accurate.
- May be composed entirely of lies.
- May be composed of unsourced, non reliable, or original research or information.
- May cause immediate death, doom, destruction, decapitation, and a large host of other D-words to occur without warning.
- May contain material capable of causing seizures in people, animals, bacteria, and a small number of viruses.
- May, in fact, be entirely made of people.

Information found on ActiveWiki may not be construed as medical, legal, or educational advice.
ActiveWiki takes no responsibility for misuse, proper use, semi-proper use and destructive use of it's services.
You should not attempt to disrupt access to ActiveWiki. We have an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters, and given enough time they will eventually write a report to be sent to your ISP.