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A visible red cube, with an avatar standing on top
The red cube, now invisible, with an avatar still standing on top

The visible command specifies an object's visibility. When an object is invisible, it cannot be seen nor clicked on by users but can still be bumped. Thus, a common use for the visible command is to build invisible and non-solid "trigger" objects in a world that trigger certain actions (web pages, sounds, etc.) when a user walks through them.


visible [name] flag [radius=radius] [global]


The optional name argument specifies the name of the object to be made visible or invisible. Object names are assigned via the name command. If omitted, the visible command applies to this object.


The flag boolean argument specifies whether the object should be made visible or invisible.


The radius argument is optional and specifies the maximum distance at which the object can be seen (in meters). If omitted, the object will obey the user's visibility setting. Note that this argument will only be valid if the flag argument is set to either "off", "false", or "no". Also, it cannot be used to extend an object's visibility beyond the user's setting. This is a very useful feature to improve framerate in your world. By putting visibility radius' on objects inside buildings, your computer will not render them if you are outside the building. Should be used in heavily built areas and will dramatically improve framerate.


The optional global argument will cause triggers to initiate the command for all users have the object in view. Without it, the command will be triggered exclusively for the user who activates the trigger (bump, activate, adone). By default, commands are not global.


create visible off

This creates an invisible object.

Object #1:
bump visible sign on
Object #2:
create name sign, visible off

This creates an object which when bumped makes the object named sign visible.

create visible no radius=30

This makes sure the object cannot be seen if the user travels more than 30 meters away from it.


  • Surfaces which are invisible by design or hidden by a texture mask can not be made visible by using this command
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