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The Scale command in action. Original object size colored red.

The scale command allows the user to resize objects.


scale x [y] [z] [loop OR noloop] [sync OR nosync] [reset OR noreset] [time=time] [wait=wait] [name=name] [smooth] [global]

x y z

The x y z arguments are three number values between the range 0.2 and 5 that specify the scale factor of each respective axis. The y and z values can be omitted to only scale the object along the x axis. Likewise, the z value can be omitted to only scale the object along the x and y axis.


The loop and noloop flags specify whether or not the object stops scaling after returning to its original size, or scales repeatedly back and forth between its starting and ending size. The default is noloop.

sync / nosync

The sync and nosync flags specify whether or not a looping scaled object is synchronized to the universe clock. This is useful if several scaled objects need to be synchronized with each other, or a very slow scaled object needs to be seen as the same size by all users. Since this flag is only meaningful for looping scales, if sync is specified then loop is also assumed. The default is nosync.

reset / noreset

The reset and noreset flags specify whether or not a scaled object returns immediately to its original size at the end of being scaled. The default is noreset.


The optional time argument specifies how long the object takes to scale from start to finish, and from finish to start. The default is 0 seconds. Fractional seconds (e.g. "0.2") can be used.


The optional wait argument specifies how long a looping scaled object waits at either end of its journey, before moving back to the other extreme scaled size. The default is infinite seconds. Fractional seconds (e.g. "0.2") can be used.


The smooth option will cause the object to accelerate as it begins scaling, and decelerate as it nears the point where it will stop scaling. If you set time=3, the object will still scale for exactly 3 seconds and will still end up exactly the same size, but its speed while scaling will change to make the scaling less "jerky".


As with most other commands, you may choose to specify the name of another object to apply the scale action to by using the optional name parameter.


A command with the Global argument appended will cause the object to scale globally for all users who have the object in view. Without the Global parameter, the object will scale exclusively for the person who activates the trigger (bump, activate, adone).


create scale 2 

Instantly scales the object to be double the size on each axis.

create scale .5 1 .5 time=2 wait=1 smooth loop sync

Scales the object to half the size on x and z axis, yet keeps original height and loop scaling from 1 1 1 to .5 1 .5 in smooth mode synchronized to the universe clock, stops one second and repeats scaling.


  • Instant or animated scaling dynamically changes the mass of a |physical object.
Object Scripting


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