Sunshine Valley

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Sunshine Valley
Community of AlphaWorld

aw 10998S 7352W 0A 0




Nov.30, 2006





Sunshine Valley is a city in Alphaworld that is continually expanding. It was originally established on Nov.30, 2006. This city was originally started as a joint effort by Citizen Lieber and Citizen Kwanita A.K.A. HopeFaith. After a time, HopeFaith opted out and removed her builds, turning it over to Citizen lieber. By this time, the village of Sunshine Valley had grown to the point that it was not beneficial to delete what had been built. It was at that point that I Citizen Lieber decided to expand this creation and turrn it into a large Metropolis. People may wonder why I spend so much time creating such a vast city all by myself. The reason is basically thus. I have no actual children in the real world and I have been creating in AW for fourteen years to date. My intention is to create a vast city that will become my legacy once I am no longer alive. I hope that AW exists long after I am dead and gone from this world. This then is the reason I am so meticulous in my creativity. I owe it all to the one man who taught me to build. His citizen name was Filmkr. He taught me to build perfection and he made me tear apart anything that was not perfection. In so doing, I am now a meticulous builder and try to build objects like what you would see in real life. Thankyou Filmkr for being so patient with me. I hope that I have met the expectations that real life demands and also that of my teacher Filmkr. To view the SchultenHauf Consortium Towers which is the photo to your right, go to 10997S 7287W in AlphaWorld. From this point, if you head to the East you will be entering the downtown core of the city where you will find Sunshine Valley City Hall and Baker Memorial Bridge-Overpass. If you go to the North you will find yourself amidst the skyscrapers. To the West of the Consortium towers is more skyscrapers as well as to the South. You will find many suburbs as well as a - Light Rail Train System. Many of the streets are named after people who are long since gone from this world, as is Baker Memorial Bridge which was named after a good friends Aunt who passed away suddenly and unexpectantly. This is my way of remembering these fine people who are no longer with us. I hope you enjoy what you see but please remember, Do not build anywhere on the outskirts of Sunshine Valley as this is an ongoing expanding city that I and others I am sure do not want tarnished by willy nilly buildings created by others. I thank You for abiding by my wishes and request to keep this area open so I may expand the size of this city over the coming years. I would also like to thank all the Citizens and creators in AW who have created objects that have helped me in building this fine city. Without your knowledge and creativity, this city would not exist today as it is. Many Thanks to you all. Please feel free to send a telegram comment to citizen Lieber as I would like to hear your comments of what you think of SunShine Valley.


~ Citizen: Lieber ~

May 5, 2010
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