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Lava Town refers to the geographic location constructed at the coordinates 9645S 9844E in Alphaworld. It also refers to the sub-territories remotely connected to this real estate. Lava Town contains perhaps the oldest objects in Active Worlds.

In 2000, the activity rate of Lava Town plummeted, and during the citizen price increase some time ago, membership all but bottomed out. Surprisingly, it has been a hub for old members of Lava Town, to reappear and leave messages to reconnect with one another. In 2009 Lava Towns main purpose is to be a historical record, as well as dedicated net-worker of other lost relics. It occupies a special niche role, which now fills the purpose of a currently defunct historical group.

The main flaw of Lava Town is its inactivity, and lack of new developers to keep the city rejuvenate, as well as the low membership total of Active Worlds as a whole. The President and Vice-President are currently seeking to solve this problem as well as working with other small settlements to bolster production.

Background Overview

Lava Town exists in Alphaworld. Since Alphaworld is not Earth, most aspects are kept as unique as possible. Lava Towns theme pertains to hot as fire activities, rabble rousing and carousing, and a non-serious attitude to building. Though intricate and elaborate, as well as serious builds are more than welcome, they are not required. Lava Town is about freedom and also a little bit about chaos. Lava Town's current mission is to link and find archaeological treasures lost in the vast expanse of space that is Alpha World. We seek to assimilate these abandoned treasures into our own city as a sort of Historical Index of ancient works.



Lava Town was created in August, 1998 by a small collective of friends. There are records of construction dating back to August 3, 1998, perhaps the oldest known object in Alpha World. Much of the history remains intact within the city itself. It was created as a non-serious place of Dionysian delight. The goal was simply to party like crazy until the end of time. Lava Town has and always will be about the preservation of memories, good times, and historical anecdotes. Lava Town has plenty of real estate and endless room for expansion.


Lava Town is in principle a true democracy, or rule by its citizens. The Administrators power is relegated to simply requests and unified team effort. It may also be said that it is a unified anarchy, given that little or any enforcement is applied to its populous.


President: The Captain assumes the Leadership role, main caretaker, Historical preservation and explorer, commander of armed forces, Highway and Capitol networking, as well as diplomacy amongst other Alpha World emirates and subsidiaries.

Vice-President: The Vice-President assumes the role of arbiter, arbitrator, explorer, expansion and maintenance delegate, panel and chief executor of chairmen, ordinance acquirer, map planner, subsidiary expansion, tourist and document preservation.

Grand Poobah: Serves as the recruiter, reporter, site scouter, secondary developer, secondary architect, wiki maintenance, and photographer. Can be responsible for exploration and seeker of historical sites.

Fun-and-Games Directory: Chief responsibilities include: providing new and exciting entertainment for patrons of Lava Town, bot management and development, and interactive game construction.

City Bartenders The Bartenders of the City role enlists the use of communication skills, mediator if need arise, and serving patrons beverages.

National Fire Fighters Lava Town's National Fire Fighters prevent arson, save kittens from tall trees, and prevent flame wars.

Current Staff

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