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Horizon City
Community of Active Worlds

AW 7000s 14000e




January 5th, 2000




Horizon City Blog

Horizon City is a large city in the southeast sector of Alphaworld. The city area covers about 10 km2, making the city to be the second largest town in Alphaworld by area. About 400 builders makes the city to be largest town in Alphaworld by population.

The City is surrounded by three big beltways and one embankment between the second and third beltway. The second beltway surrounds the whole city by making a big circle of which radius is exactly 482 coords from the city center. City area is usually defined to end between the second beltway and the embankment. Most of the area is covered with objects built by city staff to prevent vandalism and to allow future expansions.

Unique form of Horizon City Ground Zero area has remained during the city history even though the latest objects and V4-features are implemented there too.



Horizon City started as one man project on late 1999. A tourist called "sirQus" had built several separate buildings, mostly houses, in some tourist towns and around alphaworld. He also started a tourist town and got nearly 10 tourist builders to build there. It was about that time "sirQus" started to make plans about new kind of town for aw citizens to come and build. There was a name contest in the tourist town where the name "Horizon City" was first mentioned by a tourist called "Unatomber", "sirQus"s real life cousin.

A citizen called Jcolbert, owner of world Librarea generously gave citizenship to sirQus and he started to look a good place for the town. In that time Vevo (later AWMapper) had mapping system over Alphaworld, which helped sirQus to find place for this new town. He tried to find a place from as far from other places as possible, allowing enough space to build. The place was found at SouthEastern sector of Alphaworld at coordinates 7000s 14000e. First objects were laid there by January 5:th 2000. Soon after that most of the city center, Ground Zero, area was built and enough space around it covered the city was opened to public. First builders that arrived at January 16 were sirQus's early AW friends: Dieter, Lara and EarthAngeL.

Builders around AW universe got to know about this town and many came to build there. In a month there was already 50 builders and in 2 months 85! sirQus was very active advertising the city around Alphaworld. Also some of his early AW friends were spreading the word about Horizon City. As the city grew sirQus met interesting people. Some who were very committed building there got their own section from city to run. First city staff members were KraemerG, Q iamai, Brody and Kenny McC. KraemerG's area was in southwest, Q iamai's in southeast and Brody's in north from the city GZ. Kenny McC helped Q iamai in her section.


Because of the success of the city some people nominated sirQus for CyAwards in category of Best Community or Town. Surprisingly Horizon City won the April 2000 Cy Award, only 4 months after the city was founded. It was great achievement for entire town and its staff as there was many active towns in Alphaworld that time, such as Rtown, Kalaville, GooberTown and SW City. Not all of Horizon City staff were happy as they felt that only sirQus was awarded and not the entire staff. That caused some members to lose some of their interest towards the city. Brody's citizenship expired and Q iamai and Kenny McC (later Kenny McQ) became more absent and it was known that they had real life relationship.

While the city was growing and getting more popular, September 2000 someone hacked Alphaworld's ED password and deleted AWGZ and Horizon City GZ. Lost structures were fixed by AWI. The same month, city core staff decided to purchase a citizenship for building as team under one builder name. Horizon City account was purchased and large areas of land covered for future projects with that account. New public building areas were opened, Horizon North area was founded and monorail system expanded. First beltway around the city was built. Late 2000 there was over 170 builders in the city. Horizon City claimed to be the largest town in Alphaworld as it already covered huge areas with hundreds of builds. SW City was also developing fast and they claimed to be the largest town too. The situation was a great source of many jokes.

Second beltway was built by October 2001 and in November 2001 a citizen called bluebean was invited to be member of the city staff. He started to build his sector in Horizon City south/southeast area. Next to his area, new Art Deco -themed build area called Vertu Beach was founded. The third beltway around Horizon City, going 2500 coords away from the city GZ was finished in January 2002. Q iamai and Kenny McQ were not seen in AW anymore and their citizenships expired by April 2002. SirQus, KraemerG and bluebean continued building, forming a new Core Staff of Horizon City. It was a time of many building projects. Citizen Shorty joined city staff as new building areas were opened. There was a big rush of new builders in July 2002. An inter-city river project known as the Besburn River was begun between Horizon and SW Cities in October 2002. In 2003, KraemerG and sirQus continued expanding Horizon City Airport—a project they had started in February 2001.

Post-Price Hike

A graph describing population growth of the city to 2010.

The city was active to 2004 and occasionally after that too. Horizon City citizenship expired and core members were busy in other projects and in real life issues. The city GZ was kept updated by Sirqus, but there was no new builders for 770 days, which is a long time in AW universe. By 2006 the citizenships of KraemerG and Sirqus were expired and city was not built for a time.

In late 2006 Sirqus renewed his citizenship and continued to build the city. Early 2007 KraemerG renewed too. The city building account, Horizon City citizenship, was renewed in April. The building account allowed city staff to continue previous projects and to build in areas that were earlier covered with that citizenship. It also allowed to use better areas for public building.

Late 2007 citizen Roska joined to build modern Japanese themed town called Mini Fukuoka. Sirqus also introduced a then new way to build terrain landscapes with xiggy4.rwx-objects near that area. November 2008 Horizon City was awarded second time with the Best Community or Town Cy Award making the city to be the only city in Activeworlds which has won the Best Community award two times.

After 10:th anniversary of the city, January 2010, a fictional lore was brainstormed by Seiya and Sirqus.

The city is now maintained by SirQus, who posts occasional thoughts and updates on his blog.

Hall of Fame

The following users have been inducted into the Horizon City Hall of Fame by Sirqus.

Member Reason
KraemerG Long term core member and the first subcommunity leader
bluebean Long term core member and subcommunity leader
Q iamai Long term core member and one of the first subcommunity leaders
Partymaster Long term Tech service provider
Dieter First area manager and supporter
Kenny McC Long term core member
Brody One of the first subcommunity leaders
Roska Long term builder, developer and staff member

List of Horizon City Builders

The following list displays the names that the builders used at the moment when they first time built in the city.

Builder Location
2MuChCoFfEe aw 7048.7S 13960.7E 0.0A 166
3rd Rock aw 6580.00S 13657.00E 1.06A 0
5765linebacker aw 6565.91S 13988.97E 0.36A 143
A1CT Sonic PK aw 6927.4S 14280.8E 0.2A 20
abigaille aw 6937.8S 14268.5E 0.1A 321
Absolute Monarch aw 6786.96S 13630.93E 0.93A 270
Agenais aw 7015.3S 14010.4E 0.2A 241
Agent Fox MuLder aw 6927.4S 14280.8E 0.2A 20
agumon 2000 aw 6982.0S 13918.6E 0.0A 79
Akemi Izumi aw 7231.8S 14289.2E 0.0A 91
AllfaBeta aw 7047.3S 14055.1E 0.0A 181
AlphaBit Phalpha aw 6999.6S 13975.7E 0.2A 46
Angel jr aw 6971.2S 13965.2E 0.0A 135
Artillo aw 7316.0S 14189.0E 1.7A 271
Arto aw 6944.8S 14218.0E 0.0A 332
Ashura aw 7255.7S 14231.2E 0.0A 47
AWCT SassyGurL aw 6940.7S 14226.9E 0.0A 82
Ayn aw 6943.9S 13900.6E 0.0A 2
Baalzevuv aw 7073.3S 13935.1E 0.2A 53
BabyCakeso aw 7225.4S 14289.0E 0.0A 93
BasementBoy aw 6989.2S 13998.7E 0.2A 17
Bastillion aw 6987.4S 13930.3E 0.0A 66
Bean Sidhe aw 6970.8S 13960.4E 0.0A 45
BIG BEAR aw 6982.8S 14132.6E 0.0A 82
Big Brother aw 7069.9S 13939.1E 0.2A 209
bigT aw 6964.8S 13950.6E 0.0A 358
Bille aw 6988.3S 13986.2E 0.3A 344
Blanka M aw 6998.1S 14034.2E 0.2A 290
Blaze611 aw 6703.25S 13671.40E 0.73A 19
Blink182skater aw 6953.9S 13905.9E 0.0A 11
Blue Green Gem aw 7056.9S 14051.9E 0.5A 31
blue solitudes aw 7283.42S 13723.19E 0.52A 160
bluebean aw 6955.5S 13907.9E 0.0A 102
BlueMoonGirl aw 6972.7S 13990.4E 0.2A 24
Bo Florida aw 6997.5S 13988.2E 0.2A 271
botumba aw 6928.8S 14263.2E 0.2A 218
BriarwoodRose aw 6989.0S 14129.7E 0.0A 122
brockied aw 7011.2S 13967.2E 0.0A 89
Brody aw 6989.3S 14020.4E 0.2A 341
Bruno Ramos aw 6973.0S 13995.5E 0.2A 44
Bryan iMi aw 6765.62S 13631.67E 0.28A 120
BusyLion aw 6959.11S 13887.99E 0.19A 326
C H A O S aw 7019.2S 14006.6E 0.2A 225
Cahalane aw 6893.11S 13836.55E 0.18A 35
Caity aw 7031.4S 14047.4E 0.0A 3
Captain Mad Mike aw 6778.13S 13663.00E 1.27A 201
Carl Anderson aw 6892.95S 13857.42E 0.17A 157
cartman0909 aw 6928.0S 14260.0E 0.0A 21
Catwoman aw 6893.02S 13847.33E 0.36A 6
Cheeseman aw 6963.3S 14021.0E 0.0A 356
Cheetorcat aw 6998.2S 14087.1E 0.1A 267
ChickenGurl aw 6711.94S 13692.82E 0.38A 20
Chris Cat X aw 6928.5S 14271.8E 0.0A 167
Chris Cat" aw 6937.6S 14219.7E 0.0A 42
Chris Seferi aw 6800.09S 13411.10E 0.35A 114
Chrono aw 6960.8S 13995.5E 0.0A 103
cit2 aw 7000.1S 13950.0E 0.0A 181
City aw 6727.87S 13639.79E 0.21A 15
CityBoy aw 6994.9S 13968.5E 0.0A 34
CityMaster aw 7019.0S 13987.8E 0.2A 130
Codestir aw 7039.2S 13969.6E 0.0A 63
color aw 6701.79S 13684.96E 0.34A 72
commander joseph aw 6927.4S 13979.7E 0.1A 128
Conqueror aw 6896.30S 13829.86E 0.25A 155
Cookie aw 7043.2S 14064.7E 0.0A 39
CoolBoy aw 6976.2S 13995.1E 0.2A 132
CooLchik2000 aw 7052.2S 13957.3E 0.0A 157
Count Dracula o aw 6974.8S 13948.5E 0.0A 90
Country Critter aw 7012.5S 14129.9E 0.0A 272
CrazyChik aw 7010.7S 14014.5E 0.2A 241
CrazyDude aw 6983.0S 13954.2E 0.0A 136
Croc Dundee aw 6988.6S 13979.2E 0.1A 52
Cygie aw 7000.3S 14091.2E 0.0A 231
DanBoy aw 7044.2S 13963.4E 0.0A 97
DarkChibimon aw 6949.8S 14227.2E 0.0A 19
David V aw 6671.80S 13690.34E 1.01A 176
David14 aw 6971.0S 13947.5E 0.0A 24
Deathmon aw 6959.3S 13920.7E 0.0A 359
Dee Dee Fw aw 6620.3S 13786.7E 1.1A 111
Detective Knux aw 6926.8S 14234.2E 0.0A 14
DEXX aw 7045.4S 14065.0E 0.0A 91
Dieter aw 6998.0S 14005.1E 0.2A 270
Digigurl aw 7007.94S 13833.88E 0.10A 239
Districity1 aw 6934.1S 13898.8E 0.1A 347
doctor1 aw 7038.4S 14057.4E 0.0A 302
Doo aw 7010.72S 13752.98E 0.12A 269
dougdrums aw 6911.6S 13900.3E 0.4A 354
dr. Aki Ross aw 6927.4S 14280.8E 0.2A 20
dr.duke aw 7350.6S 14206.1E 0.7A 243
Dreamagi aw 7005.9S 14028.8E 0.1A 90
dreamer2 aw 6941.5S 13887.7E 0.1A 272
DreamMaster aw 6938.8S 13897.9E 0.0A 51
DrX aw 6973.0S 13994.4E 0.2A 162
DS Dark Ninja aw 6722.33S 13702.85E 1.31A 359
Dubinator aw 7004.2S 14030.6E 0.0A 223
Duo aw 7008.4S 14029.3E 0.1A 225
duster aw 7031.8S 13834.3E 0.0A 143
Dystopia aw 6972.94S 13478.84E 0.00A 91
Eddy aw 6972.1S 13984.3E 0.2A 58
Elizah aw 6999.7S 14109.1E 0.0A 312
ElyaRose aw 7000.59S 13806.92E 0.38A 178
Elyk aw 6941.1S 13898.0E 0.0A 91
Emilie aw 6976.8S 13929.3E 0.0A 28
Empyrean Asheron aw 6874.2S 13888.6E 1.5A 324
Energiser aw 6839.14S 13994.07E 0.37A 24
Espilax aw 6914.3S 13896.1E 0.5A 14
Etincelle aw 7003.1S 13964.7E 0.0A 90
Event Horrizon aw 7032.1S 13985.2E 0.0A 30
eVet aw 6949.1S 14188.1E 0.2A 1
Falkner aw 6967.7S 13980.1E 0.0A 328
Farasilla aw 6573.55S 13654.02E 0.90A 146
Fean77 aw 6996.46S 13486.02E 0.17A 330
Felicia aw 6968.6S 13987.5E 0.1A 4
Ferruccio aw 6758.25S 13686.07E 0.39A 229
Firebane aw 6895.5S 13883.1E 0.5A 269
Foxyjoint aw 7096.0S 14095.6E 0.0A 112
GCNDude aw 6908.7S 14238.3E 0.0A 296
GeminiDream aw 7078.1S 13932.6E 0.2A 250
General Max aw 7342.9S 14193.3E 0.6A 24
gimpyoet aw 6998.5S 14091.1E 0.1A 291
gnome0fdarkness" aw 6914.6S 14238.1E 0.0A 303
GohanJB aw 6999.8S 14095.0E 0.0A 174
goku10 aw 6927.4S 14280.8E 0.2A 20
GoldenEye007 aw 6884.61S 13893.06E 1.03A 108
Good Person aw 6904.3S 13898.2E 0.3A 226
Goten2003 aw 6973.54S 13481.23E 0.12A 271
Gov Godesville aw 6989.0S 13993.8E 0.2A 7
Griffco aw 6683.00S 13710.00E 0.47A 310
Griffin Page aw 6907.37S 13819.57E 0.02A 296
Grinster aw 7027.3S 14047.6E 0.0A 3
Gronor aw 6999.8S 13977.2E 0.2A 200
Gwylan aw 6929.1S 14233.8E 0.0A 91
Haba aw 6999.7S 14025.4E 0.2A 317
Harald22 aw 6977.0S 13957.5E 0.0A 0
havinfun aw 6928.3S 14240.6E 0.0A 133
HeLnEarth aw 7002.0S 14005.0E 0.2A 270
herc aw 6906.4S 14238.0E 0.0A 101
Heretik aw 6992.10S 13485.09E 0.41A 1
hicks8 aw 6764.68S 13672.44E 0.38A 351
HoneyBee aw 6988.6S 13965.1E 0.0A 36
HPL aw 7049.9S 14061.3E 0.0A 271
Hu aw 6792.06S 13628.99E 0.82A 133
Hubnut aw 6926.1S 14271.7E 0.2A 289
Ian1 aw 7003.8S 14034.6E 0.0A 330
Icedude aw 6748.85S 13681.71E 0.35A 183
Iceman13 aw 7029.31S 13861.09E 0.47A 24
ig0r aw 7004.2S 14014.0E 0.2A 186
incey aw 6979.2S 13975.2E 0.0A 135
InsanePsycho aw 6918.9S 13860.2E 0.0A 156
Ion Storm Studios aw 7000.0S 13949.7E 0.0A 355
J O N aw 6972.7S 13998.9E 0.2A 33
JACK13 aw 6864.95S 14252.25E 0.39A 338
JackBNimbLe aw 6945.0S 14217.2E 0.0A 158
JackLondon aw 6928.8S 13875.4E 0.0A 24
Jada. aw 7022.4S 14150.1E 0.4A 134
Jaguar Hahn aw 7010.88S 13850.00E 0.11A 77
Janne aw 6953.8S 13915.8E 0.0A 0
Jano aw 7014.5S 14082.3E 0.0A 268
Jeff. aw 6873.27S 14260.09E 0.25A 4
JLoghry007 aw 6999.7S 13964.5E 0.0A 30
Jodi Ann aw 6976.9S 13931.7E 0.0A 346
Jolteon0301 aw 7257.8S 14233.6E 0.0A 317
jon1012 aw 6898.86S 13862.08E 0.00A 183
Joukki aw 7016.8S 13990.8E 0.2A 100
K a r a aw 6931.5S 13995.1E 0.2A 261
K.I.S.S aw 6919.1S 13865.4E 0.0A 156
KAH aw 6983.3S 13936.2E 0.0A 134
KennyMcC aw 6980.8S 13995.4E 0.2A 256
Kiaralily aw 7016.22S 13753.23E 0.00A 95
Killerjoe aw 6939.4S 13974.2E 0.2A 151
King lil Nay aw 6927.4S 14280.8E 0.2A 20
Kitty Baby aw 6894.6S 13882.8E 0.3A 112
Koomie aw 6939.3S 14238.0E 0.0A 293
Kraemerg aw 6978.3S 14018.3E 0.1A 133
Kristen aw 6928.7S 13986.3E 0.2A 10
Kuno aw 6958.8S 13902.4E 0.0A 41
Kyro aw 7064.9S 14048.7E 0.0A 314
Lady Fish aw 6938.7S 13976.7E 0.2A 341
Lady Rachel aw 6918.9S 13889.5E 0.0A 354
Laguna 1 aw 6994.5S 14141.0E 0.2A 272
Lane aw 6997.0S 13981.9E 0.2A 184
LaQua aw 6972.9S 14018.9E 0.0A 321
Lara aw 6996.0S 14008.3E 0.2A 0
Lavendel aw 6971.0S 14004.5E 0.1A 283
Legion aw 7000.1S 14013.7E 0.2A 196
Legolas aw 6983.0S 13954.0E 0.0A 41
Lektronica aw 6949.46S 13887.91E 0.00A 82
Lem12 aw 6995.1S 14136.8E 0.2A 292
Lensman aw 7006.6S 14007.1E 0.3A 296
Leon Master aw 6713.21S 13698.54E 0.32A 25
Lexxus aw 6988.2S 13983.4E 0.2A 52
LilDude aw 6768.78S 13701.12E 0.65A 98
litlbuff aw 7045.0S 13964.1E 0.0A 177
Louis8 aw 6909.1S 13892.7E 0.3A 37
luch aw 6978.7S 13997.8E 0.2A 15
Lucider aw 6895.73S 14234.82E 0.00A 92
Lumi aw 6986.0S 14004.6E 0.2A 247
M u n k u y aw 6994.8S 13981.8E 0.2A 340
Madfish aw 6976.67S 13918.47E 0.24A 53
Magnus Gallant aw 6888.92S 13873.61E 0.00A 357
MAKE aw 7024.7S 13992.0E 0.2A 70
Malcolm aw 6543.57S 14151.49E 1.22A 336
ManlyJosh aw 6967.82S 13978.88E 0.00A 60
Mario616 aw 6944.9S 14222.2E 0.0A 289
Mark Rejhon aw 7021.6S 13994.9E 0.2A 80
Master Penguin aw 6988.7S 13942.1E 0.0A 44
Master Yoda aw 7022.5S 13985.5E 0.1A 90
Masterke aw 6995.8S 13942.5E 0.1A 41
MasterScy88 aw 6975.2S 13987.4E 0.1A 64
Matt888 aw 6993.52S 13486.09E 0.41A 274
Mauz aw 7000.2S 14059.7E 0.7A 2
MavereX aw 7081.5S 13927.4E 0.2A 206
Mecha Ninjitsu aw 6965.3S 13921.7E 0.0A 1
Method Man W T C aw 6988.9S 13966.0E 0.0A 328
Michael. aw 6736.14S 13704.08E 0.52A 13
Miera aw 7027.40S 13855.31E 0.75A 165
milennia Cos aw 7003.3S 14124.2E 0.0A 59
Minister Foma aw 6971.0S 13917.6E 0.0A 31
Missbiz1 aw 6992.05S 13480.54E 0.41A 1
Mistyyy aw 6904.3S 13897.7E 0.3A 132
mj aw 6999.7S 13936.6E 0.1A 45
Moski aw 7043.0S 14057.4E 0.0A 312
Mousty aw 7032.4S 14039.0E 0.0A 358
Mr Brain aw 6987.3S 13924.5E 0.0A 82
Mr Ed aw 6737.01S 13630.16E 0.66A 274
MR KEBO aw 6989.6S 14141.2E 0.2A 252
Mr Majesty aw 6928.8S 13992.9E 0.2A 354
Mr. James Bond aw 6635.5S 14230.9E 0.0A 359
mr.clean aw 6958.8S 13894.5E -0.1A 338
MrBee aw 7356.4S 14200.0E 0.8A 94
Mrs. Abdel aw 6886.5S 13883.1E 0.6A 95
MrSteau aw 6995.0S 14053.9E 0.2A 219
Nemi aw 6971.2S 14004.5E 0.1A 83
Neo 15 aw 6903.2S 13897.5E 0.7A 299
Neo 75 aw 6995.8S 14013.0E 0.2A 180
Neo13 aw 6983.0S 13921.4E 0.0A 11
Neoperson aw 6905.0S 13872.3E 0.4A 333
Nevatina aw 6986.7S 14018.3E 0.2A 91
neyo 316 aw 6955.1S 13912.9E 0.0A 102
Nicx20 aw 6923.9S 13889.7E 0.0A 1
Nornny aw 6998.6S 13979.8E 0.2A 90
NoUseForAName aw 6758.93S 13707.66E 0.60A 92
Nutinmuch aw 6697.18S 13685.75E 0.90A 209
OneShot aw 6703.24S 13678.55E 0.53A 44
OneSummer aw 6733.13S 13633.49E 0.32A 2
OniLink aw 6764.09S 13659.91E 0.23A 204
Oracle aw 7000.1S 13937.6E 0.1A 214
ORB aw 6900.37S 14239.30E 0.64A 277
Otis FudpLucker aw 6989.03S 13482.11E 0.20A 181
OverLoaded aw 7004,8S 14126,9E 0,0A 340
PartyMaster aw 7014.6S 14002.6E 0.2A 226
Patroler Spawn aw 7090.4S 14085.0E 0.1A 270
Pdog aw 6994.6S 14061.9E 0.2A 200
Perry aw 6900.90S 13853.13E 0.17A 30
Petri aw 7023.2S 14090.2E 0.0A 196
Petsku aw 7006.9S 13962.1E 0.0A 270
phalaphe aw 6959.1S 13946.9E 0.0A 14
PhaZar aw 6788.85S 13675.26E 0.68A 187
PhoenixL5 aw 6892.92S 13857.22E 0.08A 168
PhyrenShadowstar aw 6951.5S 13898.2E 0.0A 271
Physics aw 7000.1S 14082.1E 0.0A 224
Pippa aw 6979.4S 13970.3E 0.0A 134
Plasma Man aw 7051.5S 13956.6E 0.0A 92
plummer guy aw 7348.5S 14193.1E 0.5A 29
pluton aw 6958.7S 13917.9E 0.0A 43
poolon aw 7289.5S 13904.3E 0.4A 313
Poomerang aw 6984.0S 14003.9E 0.2A 30
PrinceBullet aw 7009.17S 13834.04E 0.23A 94
ProACE714 aw 6945.1S 14252.0E 0.0A 156
ProudEagle aw 6937.0S 14227.8E 0.0A 289
PuMPkIn Cake aw 6914.1S 14399.9E 1.1A 6
Q Iamai aw 6984.1S 14010.6E 0.2A 343
Ragpiano aw 6603.91S 13661.04E 0.23A 178
RainbowMan aw 6970.8S 13931.5E 0.0A 348
Raistlin Majere aw 6988.0S 14126.9E 0.0A 332
RaShaL aw 6975.3S 14400.2E 0.0A 1
ratgut aw 6808.1S 13854.5E 0.9A 87
Realm aw 6965.4S 13954.5E 0.0A 130
Reamer aw 6977.0S 13933.1E 0.0A 190
Red Davni aw 6984.4S 14009.7E 0.2A 226
Red1 aw 7017.3S 14094.8E 0.0A 221
Restless Mind aw 6975.55S 13481.13E 0.01A 252
RickConner aw 6884.2S 13897.2E 0.8A 161
Rikku. aw 7065.9S 14413.1E 0.0A 109
Rose aw 6742.58S 13650.18E 0.19A 268
Rossyboy aw 6620.1S 14153.5E 0.2A 333
RyanR75 aw 6971.4S 13948.8E 0.0A 228
Rynhorn RyAr aw 6727.89S 13635.39E 0.09A 35
SadEyes aw 7024.3S 13984.4E 0.1A 229
Sailor Venus aw 6933.8S 13991.6E 0.2A 334
sarajaska aw 7005.2S 13976.0E 0.2A 202
Sarina aw 6999.8S 13966.9E 0.0A 360
Seiya aw 6755.60S 14184.00E 3.12A 348
Seiya Faye aw 6786.74S 13629.06E 0.81A 90
Senator Hanson aw 7004.0S 14022.0E 0.2A 156
Serac aw 7040.7S 13966.9E 0.0A 97
Serenity aw 6898.43S 13872.01E 0.15A 307
Serge Finder aw 6941.1S 14237.8E 0.0A 110
Seth Kaz aw 6989.0S 13989.2E 0.2A 347
Shocker1 aw 6973.0S 14020.1E 0.0A 205
Shorty aw 6939.17S 13898.99E 0.39A 337
Sidris aw 6949.9S 14301.4E 0.4A 265
SilverlinerV aw 6940.18S 13871.70E 0.00A 171
Sir Crude aw 6918.8S 13875.5E 0.0A 43
Sir Joseph aw 6940.1S 13983.7E 0.2A 124
Sir Madmob aw 6751.88S 13634.33E 0.12A 18
SirMildredPierce aw 6931.1S 13867.0E 0.0A 251
sirQus aw 6996.0S 14014.4E 0.2A 0
Sketch aw 6999.6S 13931.9E 0.1A 49
Sky Dragon aw 6942.3S 14217.0E 0.0A 77
Skyrider. aw 6900.2S 13898.0E 0.5A 93
Smylfomee aw 6967.4S 13930.5E 0.0A 91
Snooker aw 7109.5S 14132.2E 0.0A 273
sondra aw 7043.1S 14049.6E 0.0A 316
SouI Man aw 6953.8S 13918.3E 0.0A 314
Soul Reaver aw 6981.9S 13987.3E 0.2A 272
Soulja Boy aw 6892.86S 13840.55E 0.34A 150
Soup2Nutz aw 6936.1S 14245.2E 0.0A 267
SparrowKnight aw 6938.8S 13892.9E 0.0A 45
Spike X2 aw 6917.9S 14236.1E 0.0A 89
Spirit of Goku aw 6936.5S 13983.6E 0.2A 89
Spoink aw 6925.06S 13817.08E 0.06A 13
SpongeBob aw 6539.7S 14001.7E 0.2A 232
SportyGal aw 7006.1S 14096.6E 0.0A 215
SpunkyMonkey aw 6953.7S 13895.7E 0.0A 359
SquaL L aw 7087.7S 13921.7E 0.2A 203
ST aw 6983.3S 14009.3E 0.2A 66
Stecloud 13 m aw 6983.2S 13927.7E 0.0A 359
Steve Rosebush aw 6997.2S 14033.7E 0.2A 91
Sticks aw 6914.0S 13889.9E 0.0A 349
Stonecoldfletch aw 6747.83S 13658.57E 0.10A 324
stonewalk aw 7000.4S 13975.6E 0.2A 135
STORM TKMF aw 6898.92S 13864.45E 0.00A 358
StrawBerryKisses aw 6970.9S 13921.7E 0.0A 1
Strike Rapier aw 6930.5S 13887.9E 0.0A 125
Suni aw 6929.3S 13891.4E 0.0A 12
Sunnybabe aw 6579.45S 13649.87E 0.82A 336
sunvalley aw 6933.8S 13891.1E 0.0A 5
suplus aw 6970.7S 13938.9E 0.6A 190
swat leader aw 7003.1S 14130.1E 0.0A 270
Sweet Candy4U aw 6968.3S 13936.5E 0.0A 279
SweetSuzie aw 6994.9S 13980.2E 0.2A 84
Sverre K aw 6978.9S 13948.4E 0.0A 90
Sybil Simon aw 6783.65S 13687.15E 0.72A 89
Syndicate aw 6983.1S 13916.0E 0.0A 166
Syntax aw 6609.75S 13667.02E 0.12A 8
TallMidget aw 6994.6S 13971.8E 0.5A 54
Tauntaun aw 6983.1S 14023.6E 0.2A 60
Tchiak aw 6879.1S 13902.4E 1.1A 147
Techo aw 6984.0S 13965.6E 0.0A 48
Teejay aw 6999.9S 14095.6E 0.0A 322
TeenSpirit aw 6686.97S 13709.85E 0.47A 294
Tensor aw 7000.4S 14101.2E 0.0A 227
The Frumpster aw 6945.1S 14220.5E 0.0A 183
The Observer aw 6983.0S 13983.5E 0.2A 358
the remedy aw 6747.99S 13694.77E 0.34A 343
The Robot B9 aw 6948.5S 14286.9E 0.1A 58
The Trickster" aw 7005.8S 13922.9E 0.1A 188
Themus aw 6773.82S 14044.47E 0.80A 6
TibbLes aw 7006.1S 14096.6E 0.0A 215
tinkerbell2 aw 6974.8S 14013.3E 0.1A 103
Toiletduck aw 7000.3S 14025.7E 0.2A 211
Tranthum aw 6934.0S 14249.2E 0.0A 254
Trevyean006 aw 7000.3S 13969.5E 0.0A 180
Tuhma aw 6891.1S 13887.9E 0.5A 108
TuRp aw 7217.5S 13789.2E 0.7A 179
TuRpentine aw 6954.2S 13910.4E 0.7A 4
Unatomber aw 7000.1S 13923.0E 0.1A 7
WackyWizard aw 7003.8S 14031.1E 0.0A 321
Valzorna aw 6984.5S 13993.7E 0.2A 2
Vampire Aubol aw 6934.1S 13893.7E 0.1A 344
Veggetto aw 6789.05S 13683.00E 0.67A 181
Weiw aw 7015.2S 14109.6E 0.0A 215
Vera aw 7000.4S 14018.6E 0.2A 226
White Tiger aw 6994.89S 13485.23E 0.19A 9
WibiBoy aw 7010.6S 14006.3E 0.2A 226
WiLLiAmS348 aw 6916.2S 14269.8E 0.0A 116
Wills aw 6992.1S 14131.3E 0.0A 352
Wings0nite aw 6947.1S 14200.1E 0.0A 275
WingZero aw 6720.26S 13698.83E 0.53A 79
Violent J aw 6988.2S 14004.4E 0.2A 54
WMayDesigner aw 6967.6S 13995.1E 0.1A 50
Wolfman aw 7036.7S 14039.1E 0.0A 358
Volt aw 6916.1S 14271.8E 0.2A 285
Vompo aw 7007.2S 13961.8E 0.0A 90
wonderbuilder aw 6958.7S 13926.8E 0.0A 20
Vornox aw 6768.95S 13708.20E 0.36A 268
vVv aw 7340.5S 13892.7E 0.5A 358
XenO aw 6964.8S 13946.1E 0.0A 5
Xeroxer aw 6970.7S 13921.4E 0.0A 181
Xol aw 6972.7S 14018.0E 0.0A 38
Yolei Inoue aw 7229.5S 14289.2E 0.0A 272
Yooper aw 6995.3S 14017.4E 0.2A 226
yosemite yuuzar aw 6983.4S 13948.3E 0.0A 132
Yun15 aw 7007.3S 14100.8E 0.0A 269
Yuval M aw 7001.9S 13983.7E 0.2A 128
zach cool aw 6983.6S 14126.6E 0.0A 332
Zathor aw 6898.65S 13819.19E 0.23A 253
Zeke aw 7012.3S 14091.2E 0.0A 227
Zenshin aw 6928.1S 14256.4E 0.0A 195
Zeppy aw 6967.8S 14015.7E 0.0A 360
Zev aw 7063.6S 13945.7E 0.2A 213
zineija aw 7058.0S 14048.8E 0.5A 241
Zippy Day aw 7054.8S 13952.9E 0.0A 89
Zlatan aw 6913.6S 13878.3E 0.0A 318

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