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November 10, 1998


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Ima Genius

AWGames is a gaming world that is supported by ImaBot. Assorted action and board games that are played through the use of bots exist in the world. The world has been under development since November 10, 1998 and has grown since. There are currently plans in the works to refresh the world to go along with the current advances in the technology of the browser.

Current Games

AWGames currently hosts a wide variety, and growing, collection of games. These games are available at anytime for players to engage in. All of these games use software programs known as Bots to power their functionality and ensure that players are playing by the rules. The ImaBot group is open to game suggestions and is always looking to expand its collection.


A game of chance in which players are given a random card containing columns of numbers that they must attempt to match as numbers are drawn by the bot. If they make a specific pattern they will win the game. There are several modes of operation which allows the players to fill their card out with different patterns in order to win the game.


Players attempt to roll a ball down a lane and knock down the pins. The more pins they knock down, the better their score.


Based on the popular game Checkers, the game requires two players to compete.


Based on the popular game Chess, the game requires one (played against the bot) or two players to compete.


One of the more unique games in Active Worlds, CyPac is an action style game based off the game Pac-Man in which players navigate a maze, collecting chips while avoiding the [Charlie] bots whom also inhabit the maze and are out to stop the player from his collection duties. There are four red chips in each corner of the maze that pauses the [Charlie] bots and grants the player the ability to attack the bots for points.

CyPac recently held a 10-year Anniversary Celebration on September 4, 2009. With eight players making it to the final round, the tournament was successful with people earning great prizes.


Based on the game Nine Men's Morris, players take turns during the setup phase to place their pieces. Once the setup phase is complete, players compete to remove as many of their opponent's pieces as possible by forming Mills (three pieces in a row). The player with the most pieces wins. The game requires two players to compete.


Based on the popular game Reversi (also known as Othello), the game requires one (played against the bot) or two players to compete.


The first known game in Active Worlds to be developed using the SDK. It stopped operation for a while, but as of September 4, 2009 it resumed operation with an enhanced physics model.

Tic Tac Toe

No longer in operation, players took turns placing markers on a 3x3 board in order to form three markers in a row to win.


Currently out of order.


Based on the popular game Battleship, players take time placing their ships on a field. Once all ships are placed, players take turns in attempting to sink the ship of their opponent. The game requires two players to compete.

History of AWGames


AWGames originally started in the world Space on November 7, 1998. The developers were granted the world AWGames on November 10, 1998 and the world has remained open since. The first game developed was a simple game of soccer which was programmed by Ima Genius and Byte. Faber later joined the team and the number of games available to players then rapidly expanded to include many of today's games. Many of these games were developed by Faber, Ima Genius, and Byte.

Previous and Current World Designs

AWGames has undergone several renovations throughout its lifespan.

Soccer Field

Outdoor themed AWGames design

Space themed AWGames design


Island themed AWGames design

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