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Mutation was a very successful role playing game based in Active Worlds. Owned by MilesTeg and Ombre, Mutation was based on the fictional Dark Island, and it was the player's goal to hone their skills and combat various monsters in the world. In 2004, Mutation world received a Cy Award. The world was closed early in 2005 by its owners, with this final message.

"The world will be down in o­ne week... Due to private reasons, we won't renew ...for the moment."

Mutation had a very intricate system of bots and website programming in java, which together help blended interactive world elements with a web-based Status Bar and Hall of Fame listing.

Your player would first arrive in Fishermen's Village, a PvP safe zone. From here the player would be able to learn about the world and get acquainted with the gaming system.

Gaming Elements


To'Rak's Lair, the setting of the boss fight in Chapter 1.

Many years ago, the world lived in peace. Everyone lived from day to day in harmony with eachother and the world around them. An evil spirit named To'Rak grew tired of the endless utopia. He discovered a bond between Men and Gods, the Heart of the Island, this was the Crystal of Alliance! To'Rak broke the Crystal which held the island in its state of perfection and plunged the island into darkness and to prevent its reformation he scattered the pieces around the island.

You are the only person who can save Dark Island from Eternal Darkness ! You must find the fragments of the Crystal and return the crystal to its resting place between the Divine Pillars. Once you have done this, be prepared to battle To'Rak himself... You are the people of Dark Island's only hope to restore the peace that once eminated throughout this land. Only your victory can lead the island to freedom.

Mutation had a limited storyline, based in Chapters. Only one chapter was released before the world's closure, with incompleted chapters existing on other islands in the world, inaccessible to the players. Chapter One of Mutation revolved around To'Rak, the evil spirit mentioned in the above story.

To'Rak was represented as a large demon, who could be fought after players either solo or co-operatively collected seven crystal fragments across the island, each protected by a different puzzle. The crystal fragments were also useful in their own ways, as players could sell them for money, or fight with them in their inventory, as the crystal items had stat boons attached to them.

Once all seven crystals were collected, a menacing threat was sent by To'Rak across the world, and each crystal owner was afflicted with an HP-draining curse until they got to an Altar on the island's tallest mountain and released their crystal fragments to it. When gathered, the fragments combined into one and teleported every player who had a crystal to To'Rak's Lair, where a final puzzle and battle awaited.

When players defeated To'Rak, they would receive 100 points for Mutation's Hall of Fame. This was the only existing way to get points in the Hall of Fame, and it was very competitive. The players were also announced as heroes upon victory, and the crystal puzzles were reset.

Logger's Village, one of the three settlements with player owned houses.

Player Owned Houses

One of the many unique features of Mutation was the ability to possess a Player Owned House. By clicking on a key object outside of the house in any of the island's three villages, you could become the temporary owner of that house. Houses had chests inside of them that players could store items in if their inventory became full, as well as a plaque on the wall that had To'Rak's head on it if a player had recently defeated him. In addition, if your character died in the game, this is where you would be teleported to.

Player Owned Houses were a very popular feature, due to their usefulness and aesthetic value. Many dedicated players would leave their avatar AFK in the world so they would not lose their house after leaving the world. The houses were also popular for role playing.


Dark Island was inhabited by many animals, monsters, and other players that the player could fight to raise their attack, defensive, and magic skills. Players could attack targets by simply clicking them, and could use spells by typing the command in the browser's chat box. Interestingly, no weapons were ever usable in the game before its closure. The players used their "fists" to fight.

Magic, however, was not automatically known. The player had to solve various puzzles across the island to pick up the magical spells. Like most other elements of the games, each magic spell was temporarily visible after it was casted.

The Cathedral, which held the White Orb and a very powerful monster.


Monsters, evil spirits, and animals roamed freely across Dark Island. Some were created for the specific purpose of using magic against, while others, such as the rabbit, were an introduction NPC to combat.

Most monsters dropped loot upon their death, most notably meat or skins that could be sold for money.


There were many valuable items scattered across Dark Island's landscape. Valuable gemstones could be found just sitting on the ground to collect, as well as logs in the forest and rare pearls in the ocean. Items could be purchased from the various shops in the game with a system of money called 'Mutis, ' and also could be transferred between players.

Player Mini-Games

Dark Island was home to a Combat Arena and a Trivia Area. Players could engage in competitive mini-games here, controlled partially by the bot and the player that was in charge of the event at that time.


Mutations experience system was separated into many different stats that a player could level up over time. Players gained one experience point for every three minutes they worked on their skill in a certain stats. Stats included Attack, Defense, Magic Resistance, one for each magical spell, and tradeskills, such as mining and fishing.

Global Chat

Global communication was available through a verbal command, which greatly aided communication and the sense of community in the world.

Hall of Fame

Each time a player defeated To'Rak, they received 100 points on the hall of fame. As of February 13, 2005, the following is a listing of the top 10 in the hall of fame, as well as some additional statistics.

RankNamePointsTotal Playing TimeTotal Distance
1"Shaman"455300137 Days 6 Hours 29 Minutes 57 Seconds 26501182 Meters
2Smiles4u304800122 Days 10 Hours 44 Minutes 13 Seconds 17202155 Meters
3Loco Motiv20720054 Days 8 Hours 11 Minutes 6 Seconds 11275299 Meters
4FlashX19330078 Days 58 Minutes 20 Seconds 14865115 Meters
5Amior157000107 Days 1 Hour 59 Minutes 18 Seconds 11735670 Meters
6"ZMan99"13090050 Days 9 Minutes 12 Seconds 12792728 Meters
7"LadyKatherine"12790098 Days 14 Hours 15 Minutes 23 Seconds 16075479 Meters
8CarrieAnne125300113 Days 1 Hour 13 Minutes 25 Seconds 7394399 Meters
9obrother10780061 Days 2 Hours 42 Minutes 59 Seconds 7455931 Meters
10Steve Lockwood103100100 Days 13 Hours 35 Minutes 15 Seconds 15115693 Meters

Notable Locations


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