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The SWiki, or SW Encyclopedia, is an online wiki that pertains exclusively to SW City. Created on June 20, 2005, it is perhaps the first AW-related wiki that only deals with specific content inside the browser. In addition to finding out various trivial things about the city, its use is closely tied to SWCity Interactive.

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The SWiki is divided into the following categories:

  • Fauna & Flora: A directory of animals and plants in the SW City territory.
  • Geography: A directory of geographic places and landmarks. Organized by their position in the Irenic Ocean via Islands, and water bodies are also listed.
  • History: A history directory provided detailed history on both the real and lore aspects of SW City.
  • Organization: A directory of fictional organizations that make up the business and government of SW City.
  • People: A directory of important persons in SW City.
  • Political: A political directory regarding SW City and the Scarabian Republic.
  • Products: A directory regarding various items and vehicles across the city.
  • Races: A directory of the races common to SW City. The popular Nimbusians and Subminians are listed in this category.
  • Misc. Articles: A directory regarding misc. material, such as Alphaworld lore and currency.

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