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This is a guide concerning finding land in Public Building Worlds that is intended for new users to Active Worlds.

I want to find land!

New users often enter public building worlds expecting to find land right off the bat immediately near the ground zero area. This is usually not the case, however, unless the world is very new. Most public building worlds have been around for many years, and as such most of the easily available land has likely been taken. That doesn't mean that there isn't any land left, though—even if you can't find any free land for hundreds of coordinates! So if you're flying down endless roads with no hope of finding land any time soon, here are some tips.


Teleport is a useful feature and can be utilized in your search for land. By teleporting to areas away from the world ground zero, you have better chances of finding fields of open land ripe and ready for building. The best way to do this is to teleport to random coordinates. The bigger the world is, the better your chances of finding open land.

  • If you teleport to an open field far away from another build, you may have to create an object with a bot in order to start building. Otherwise, you may have to take a long time to drag an object from the nearest build. There are several public bots that have a seedbot feature—after installing the bot and entering the world, you may specify where to seed an object and it will appear in the world.
  • The simplest bot to use the seedbot feature with is the ImaBot ChatBot.
    • On the top menubar in the ChatBot, click Utilities and then SeedBot on the drop-down menu.
    • A pop-up box prompting you to enter the object coordinates, name and description will appear. A common object to use when seeding is a ground or floor object, such as walk001.rwx.
    • Press Build It! and the object should appear in world, and you can begin duplicating it to your whim.

World Maps

  • Some worlds, such as AlphaWorld and AWTeen have world maps where you may find large tracts of land by navigating the map. You may find such maps on a world's individual page.
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