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Citizen of Active Worlds

December 1999

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Horizon City



Active Worlds user since October 27:th 1999. Citizen #311757. Founder of Horizon City and AWTA organisation. He made the terrain of TheBeans world by hand.

He is one of the original 18 citizens who won the V-4 builder rights in Alphaworld from V4 Contest December 29th 2006. While his focus is mainly with building, he has also successfully played characters in some AW MMORPG's such as AWRPG and AWMyths. His citizenship expired December 2011 and was renewed November 2012. During 2013 - 2015 he was rarely seen online, but he came back at April 2016 to continue building and taking part of community events within the limits of his Time Zone. In September 2018 when the browser updated to version 6.5 and dropped the support for older Windows versions, he was forced to be away once again. He came back 25:th February 2023 and was able to build for couple of days until the building system changed. IRL he lives in Finland and is usually offline when most users are online.

Awards & Honors

Won V4 Building Rights in Alphaworld.
  • 2008 Winter Build Contest
3rd Place: Won Lifetime +2 to Bot limit and V4 Building Rights in Alphaworld (with Horizon City-citizenship #321704)
Won V4 Building Rights in Mars World.
Won V4 Building Rights in public AWI World. (Unclaimed)
Won V4 Building Rights in public AWI World. (Unclaimed)


Builder of the largest manually built circle in Activeworlds
Builder of 100,000,000:th object[1] in Alphaworld
One of the longest reigning mayors

Notable Builds

Name Location Building year Description
First Horizon City House Horizon City 2000 Oldest still standing house by Sirqus
Horizon City Ground Zero Horizon City 2000 - Legendary ground zero. It still has some original elements preserved.
Belle Van Zuylen Tower Horizon City 2007 Tall skyscraper just south from the city ground zero.
Fennica Tower Horizon City 2009 A curved tover built with long straight objects.
Hidden Hills tourist village Undisclosed / Horizon City 1999 Oldest village by Sirqus. Full replica locates at Horizon City
Broadacre Moor Horizon City 2000 Medieval town near Horizon City
Horizon City Beltways Horizon City 2000 - 2002 Huge circular beltways surrounding the city. Built manually by hand, without any bots.
Fukuoka Hills Horizon City 2007 - Hills near Mini Fukuoka built with new method of using xiggy4.rwx -objects
TheBeans terrain TheBeans world 2003 - 2004 Terrain built manually by hand, without bots.
Usonia1 Horizon City 2009
Exokiasma Horizon City 2010
Cobra Wing Cobra Village 2010
Casa Cubic Horizon City 2010
History Museum of One Specific Topic from AW Alphapark, Alphaworld 2010 The building exhibits traditional tourist avatar fashion from years 1997-2010
Anomia Ecohouse Anomia, Alphaworld 2010 - Unfinished building with ecologic approach
Y-House EBTS4 2011 EBTS_4 Contest entry. Replica locates at Horizon City