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Arnold NYC


July 11, 2009




Huntington City is a city in AWTeen maintained by Arnold NYC.


Huntington City was founded on July 11, 2009 by Citizens Ali., Dashie567 and Arnold NYC . The city has a number of builds that follow a realistic theme—examples include the Mall and the beach, etc. Arnold NYC is Mayor of the city and Ali is Deputy Mayor.

You can teleport there by coords or you in AWTeen you can say ^jump huntington city.

Huntington City joined the Kingdom of Palmshire on February 20, 2011. He asked GC and Legion if the city can join Palmshire and they said yes. The Mayor Arnold NYC was then accepted in the House of Lords and his peerage rank is Earl. This means Arnold NYC is 1st Earl of Huntington. A public works bill was passed when the House of Lords met on March 20, 2011 and it will help Huntington to build projects with some help.

City Staff

Office(s) Name Entered office Notes
Mayor, Co-Founder of the city, Founder and Police Commissioner of Active Worlds Police Dept/HCPD. Arnold NYC/Lord Huntington July 11, 2009(as Mayor) N/A
Deputy Mayor of Huntington Ali. July 11, 2009(as Deputy) N/A
Deputy Police Commissioner for AWPD and HCPD Gen. MetalSonic Around 2009 N/A
Director of Huntington City Mayoral Protection Service (HCMPS) Agent Mulder May 5, 2011 None
Real Estate Manager Xooki July 23, 2010 N/A
Personal Assistant to Lord Huntington Jen2009 July 23, 2010 N/A
Lieutenant of AWPD/HCPD Agent Shawn May 5, 2011 There was no Lieutenant so I picked Agent Shawn.
N/A Angel Pikachu N/A N/A
Director of Department of Buildings Eric John April 24, 2011 N/A

Points of Interest

  • Ground Zero - ^jump huntington city
  • Huntington Beach - ^jump Huntington Beach
  • Huntington Mall - ^jump Huntington Mall
  • Gen. MetalSonic's Diner - ^jump Sonic Diner
  • City Hall - ^jump Huntington City Hall
  • Active Worlds Police Dept/Huntington City PD HQ - ^jump AWPD/HCPD HQ
  • Arnold NYC's Mansion(Under Construction by Legion) - ^jump Lord Huntington's Mansion
  • Apple Store Main St - ^jump Apple Store on Main St
  • Best Buy Pandaboy St - ^jump Arnold's Best Buy


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Caretaker Organizations
NurseMom None Currently Active

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