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Shylael is a fantasy based role playing game working in conjunction with AWI and ACT to bring a special touch to the existing games out there. We strive to bring players unique content based on their responses to certain in-game role plays. The evolution of the Main role play is based solely on the outcomes of the individual and unique role plays that the players themselves write. So in essence the writers of our role play are the players themselves, yet is still considered a loose idea to be only associated with the world of Shylael. Our unique approach to detail earns us the right to exist in and among the other games out there. Shylael offers its players a rich environment along with extensive features that truly makes it "one" of the best worlds in AW to visit. Shylael also offers its players a citizenship feature which, if the player is an active part of the world for more than 2 weeks, they receive their own avatar that is not public and can only be used by them. They also receive a free home within the city they chose to become a citizen in. More benefits of becoming a Shylaelean citizen can be received by asking Vanya or Darknae within world.

Find out more : Official Shylael Website

Shylael Cities

Tir' Nan Og

  • High Elves - Alignment: Good

High-elves are the life of the lands and are superior to all other races when it comes to the use of magic. Their ability to use both battle magic and healing magic have caused them to become the dominant race in Shylael. High-Elf religion is based around love and compassion. The Goddess Vanya upholds these standards as their Deity and Queen of Tir' Nan Og and Aluuin.

  • High Priestess of Love and Compassion - impy KN


  • Drow - Alignment: Evil

The Drow in Shylael are surface dwellers, they have overcome the hatred and vengeance that blackened their ancestor's hearts. Many still choose to harbor that hatred, yet it is shunned in Aldarion. Since the war of Olde, the Drow have crawled out of their under-dwellings and worked very hard to create a society that was respected more than feared. No longer do the females rule the Drow; now both male and female are equal in order to create a more civilized society.

Many Drow in today's society are very kind and gentle even though their diety, Maglor Surion, is a cruel and jealous diety. He was created to offset the Goddess Vanya and her goodness to her people, yet has chosen to shy away from the land because of a recent awakening, thus giving the Drow a more free society to follow Eilistraee, The Dark Maiden.


  • Human - Alignment: Neutral

Humans are the youngest race to come to the land of Shylael. They have made a name for themselves, though, in every area of the lands. Not many like them because of their barbaric ways of dealing with everyday life, not to mention the constant disrespect of nature. Even though they are regarded this way by the older races, Khaos, their self-proclaimed diety (Supreme Being) makes sure they thrive within the lands. Darknae and Vanya currently watch over the people of Aluuin, making sure they do not sway the blessing of Khaos.


  • Moon Elf - Alignment: Neutral

Moon Elven society demands perfection, and so this graceful, austere race delivers it. They were drawn to the woods of Kojan centuries ago, and there they have developed a culture that is entirely their own. Young Moon Elves are driven to success, and they advance through the ranks of Ca'ial Brael's hierarchy by the merit of their deeds. They protect their forest and all its flora and fauna fiercely, and carry with them a profound distrust of outsiders. Moon Elves prefer not to become involved in external politics, and instead focus on preserving their own space.

More info on cities and the races can be found here : Races

Shylael Developers

Senior Developers

  • Project Manager Darknae
    • Customer Relations and General Staff Management Vanya
  • RPGBOT2 responsible for programming the game bot and any future updates
  • GUI Development is responsible for textures, quests, and anything that adds complicated effects to make the world look extremely professional
  • Building Responsible for the building and landscaping of the world.

Find out more about the staff here : Staff Bios