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— World —


World of Active Worlds
Capital GZ Island
Largest city Neophyx City
Owner(s) AWI
FounderJetta Lewis
Caretaker(s) Ciena
General Information
Size P-500
Founded Unknown
Class Public Building World
Theme(s) Multiple themes

America is a large public world, founded by Jetta Lewis and owned by AWI, lying on a mainland United States shaped land. The world is notable for its mutiple themed buildings and for having one of the best variety of objects in the Activeworlds universe.

America Members







-John Mayor




-Prince Jasper3

Buildings and Themed Sections

Landscape of America's GZ area. August, 2011
  • Borg Attack
  • Jahara Palace
  • Jeckyll Island Hotel - Built by Ciena
  • Alcatraz
  • Safari Outfitters & Semi-Adventure Club
  • Daktari Animal Compound
  • Topiary Gardens
  • Off World & Off World Colony America
  • Haunted Castle
  • Underwater cave & pirates cove
  • AQUARIUM - Built by Ciena
  • Snob Hill Mansions
  • Egypt
  • Neophyx City - Built by John Mayor
  • Doodles
  • Wilderness Hunting Lodge
  • Area 51
  • Kong Island
  • Indian Village
  • Bible Stories
  • Romantic Fantasy
  • America Mall
  • Old English Pub
  • America Raceway - Built by MC RIDER
  • Motorcycle Gallery
  • Jurassic park
  • African Aviary
  • Tropical Resort Islands
  • The Old West
  • Memorial Gardens
  • American Wilderness
  • Old Rome
  • Alien Nation
  • Christmas Land
  • Halloween
  • Incline Village
  • Enchanted Garden
  • Sculptures
  • Rivendell Castle
  • 1800's Seaport
  • Hillbilly Bayou
  • African lost Palace Resort
  • Medieval Castle
  • 50's Town

Neophyx City

Main Article: Neophyx City.
High skyscrapers in Center Neophyx. August 2011

Founded by John Mayor on October 2003, Neophyx City is the urban themed sector of America and is one of the denses built area in AW.


Freeway Network of America

Freeway network of America as of 2010.

America currently has a developed freeway network built and created by John Mayor as an effort to incorporate modern road infrastructures in the world to facilitate transportation via movers. The transportation infrastructures of America has undergone several reforms in order to modernize it. In 2010, Amworld Transport has implemented a road signage standard on every of the roads and freeways under its juridiction. Prior to 2010, the signage in America has been left for many years without any regulation or standard. This has resulted in a poor quality of sign designs and indications that tended to cause confusions among the road users.

The America Department of Transportation is the official agency in charge of the national road network.

List of freeways in the world of America

Identification Name Route Length Construction
Interstate 1.jpg Liberty Freeway GZ to Eastview-Neophyx City at Nelson Blvd 2,360m(236cells) Jan - Aug 2006
Interstate 2.jpgTransamerica Logo.jpg Transamerica Freeway West Coast - Christmas Land to East Coast Vista loop ~13,000m(1,300cells) Oct 2006 - Apr 2009
Interstate 201.jpg Neophyx Freeway Transamerica I-1 to Downtown Neophyx Unknown 2009 - Unknown
Interstate 401.jpg Jetta Lewis Memorial Freeway Southern suburbs to Emedian Bay Unknown 2013 - Unknown
Expressway 3.jpg Expressway 3 Transamerica at Victoria Bridge I-1 to Liberty Bridge I-2 470m(47cells) 2006
Xpwy-5 (small).gif Expressway 5 Victoria Blvd to Downtown Neophyx 6th St 300m(30cells) 2003

The Transamerica Freeway

Main Article: Transamerica Freeway.
AMWORLD Transport's Office in Neophyx

The Transamerica Freeway is the longest road of America. Built by John Mayor, the freeway crosses entirely the northern part of the world of America from the west coast at ChristmasLand all the way to the east coast passing through the inner northern regions of the world. The project has been planned and built with Mayor's company BC firm and is managed by the Amworld Transport Office located in Neophyx City at 124n 205e.

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