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Birthday Complex
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Community of Alphaworld

aw 9128.07N 18858.30E 0.00A 268 Current









The Birthday Complex, also known as the birthday builds, is arguably the longest continually run builder's community in Active Worlds with some builders working continuously on them from its beginning in 1998. It is a massive, cohesive grid of builds celebrating birthdays in Alphaworld. The size of the region rivals other large areas in the world, including SW City and Horizon City.


The birthday complex was founded as a centralized region for birthday builds, a type of building that had become a custom for AW users to make for birthdays in the late 1990s. Usually organized in a grid, these builds would consist of cards, well wishes, and other gifts made by various users. As noted by Dreamer2, the practice was born out of friends giving cards to each other. "Circles of friends making them for their particular circle and expanded from there. And the practice of leaving a card - started - before actual builds."

The Birthday Builds received a Cy Award in the 2009 Cy Awards in the Write-In category under the leadership of NurseMom.


Birthday Complex Layout

The birthday complex covers a large swath of land in a grid format. The individual birthday build sites are organized into standard 5x5 plots, and form a larger grid for a single site. The combined sites form a very large grid that is visible from the map view.

Birthday Teleport Yards

Year(s) Name Teleport
1998-2004 Lara's Birthday Sites AW 23539.93N 23502.11W 0.39a 90
1999 LadyBunny Birthday Sites AW 20124.91S 5988.46E 0.04a 177
2001 Cyberwitch's Birthday Sites AW 16986.5S 17285.3W 0.0a 360
2002 Ambient Spirit and Rooooo Birthday Center AW 509.9N 868.0E 0.1a 270
2004 OneSummer Birthday Sites AW 1036.02S 5169.67E 0.04a 180
2003-2005 Dreamer2 and Tunablues Birthday Tour Area AW 8300.30S 972.11E 0.22a 270
2003-2005 Dreamer2 and Tunablues Birthday Wall AW 8280.37S 982.29E 0.80a
2005-2007 Barnerbee and AvaRose Birthday Wall AW 8676.61S 2175.34E 0.02a 85
2007-2008 Barnerbee o Birthday Wall AW 8676.61S 2175.34E 0.02a 85
2008 Wingrider Birthday Wall AW 8487.02S 2538.61E 1.51a 85
2008 NurseMom Birthday Wall AW 9120.07N 18863.47E 0.00a 85

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