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Parliament of Panala March2011.jpg World's Capital City

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Flag Coat of arms
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Location Sedan(world)
Status Active
Type National Capital City
Founded January 2011
Leader(s) Nyxboy, Mariobros
Sedan Official Website

The city of Panala, or simply Panala, is the capital city of the world of Sedan and the national capital city of the United Islands. The city is also the official political centre of the Commons of UNESPA where its heads of state meetings are held.

Existing only as a fictive city at first, the main districts and neighborhoods of the city have been in the process of being actualized in the world since January 2011. This makes Panala to become the second largest administrative division in the world of Sedan after the city of Sedan and the fifth and most recent city founded and built by Nyxboy. The development of the capital is focused on the important sections of the city where the main political installations are located, like the National Parliament House of Panala's district.

Panala is planned to host most of the federal governmental installations of the world. As of April 2011, the city as the new parliament building were still in their early stage of construction phase. It is planned that new governmental and constitutional restructuring will also take place progressively in parallel with the construction of the new installations.

Geography and Location

Panala lies on a coastal basin on the southwest shore of Taluwah Island. The only of the eight metropolitan islands where two substates share the same island. Its political area, being the Capital Area is delimited by the mountains surrounding the area and is independent from the state of Taluwah that occupies the rest of the island. Panala lies far north from Sedan and is at the opposite side from the large metropolis in the outer southeast, being on one of the inner west coastal shores of the archipelago. Geographically, the nearest other major cities that are in theory not so far from the capital are Lewington to the east and the city of Albizia to the south.

The region where Panala is located is relatively flat and surrounded by low mountainous chains that contrasts the more abrupt mountainous coastal region of the city of Sedan.


Like most of the nation's territory, Panala has a typical tropical climate. Warm all year with an average temperature ranging between 20°C and 30°C.

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