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June 28, 2007


P250 N,W,S,E ? Users





AWMyths is an active RPG world led by Garrick.

The Legend of Korth

On the oceans of this world lies a Gem called Korth,
Upon which one thousand races of beings will build homes,
Where War will not rest for Peace,
Until the Summoning of Korth.

Are you the
Strong, Noble Human of Prolix,
Or the Pious, Fair Elf of Tir'an,
Or the Wild, Magical Druid of Amandil,
Or another mythical being…

In the Fires of Chaos
Will you Restore Order?
Or Play with Fire…

Gaming Activities


The basic concept behind alchemy is that once you have all the necessary ingredients and a brew pot, you would type /brew . Seems simple so far? It turns out that all ingredients are accessible, you just have to get out and explore. Ingredients may be found in quests, in random cottages, in cities, etc. BREW POTS can be bought for 256 SP at 52s 30w
Well, you may not always be guaranteed a successful brewing. As in real life, things may go wrong (too much heat, too little heat, too much ingredients, too little ingredients, too much mystic water, too little mystic water, didn't stir long enough, stirred too much, etc). Loads of things could go wrong, so the probability of having a successful brewing is based on random chance.. for now anyways until either an alchemy skill is set up or we find some other method to rationalize it. It does however work, so don't come saying "OMG IT DOESNT WORK" if you failed a couple times. You have to keep trying until you get it. In the end, I think it will be worth it to stockpile potions.
It is YOUR job as players to determine the amounts of each item and which items in various combinations make which/the best potions

Spell Casting

All life in Korth is made up of a corporal body and a soul. One cannot live without its counterpart, and so if at any time the body or the soul is damaged severe enough, death is the result. The body is necessary for sustaining energy from the physical world so the soul can continue its job, which is to give the body a decision-making consciousness so that it can survive in the world.
Your spirit is the fundamental element of a soul that drives a person to control his or her surroundings. As the spirit grows stronger, you can learn to cast spells to manipulate your surroundings to suit your individual needs. If you die, your spirit level will be reduced by 1. At first (prior to a Spirit level 50), you may be met with failed spell castings. But with continued spiritual growth passed the 50 level mark, all of your deepest desires shall be transferred into powerful spells that can place the world at the caster's mercy for that momentary lapse of time.
To cast a spell that you have learned simply type the following command into open chat in world: /cast (insert spell name here minus the parenthesis)

Food Gathering

  • Harvesting
First, you need to buy a sickle by clicking on a crate in the tent located at 59s 37w. Then, type /use sickle. From here, your job is to explore the forest that spans out westward from this tent. There are several vines, trees, and other plants in the forest that you will find to be clickable. If your food gathering skill is sufficient enough, you will be able to harvest the fruits from the trees.
  • Fishing
Start this one by buying a fishing rod from inside the tent at 70s 27w, then walk up to any open sea or lake area and type /use fishing rod and click the water and you will receive a message every 45 seconds about the success of your fishing (if you caught a fish and if so, what kind of fish), then just click the water again to repeat the process

Resource Gathering

  • Crystal Mining
Start this one by buying a pickaxe from inside the tent at 70s 27w (same tent fishing rod is in), then go to the Crystal Mines at 55s 140w, just enter the tunnel and you will see several large crystals along the cave, then type /use pickaxe and click any of the crystal deposits and wait for a message saying you have mined a chunk of crystal, then repeat the process
  • Gold/Iron/Copper Ore Mining
Start this one by buying a pickaxe from inside the tent at 70s 27w (same tent fishing rod is in), then go to the Ore Mines at 2n 46e, just enter the tunnel until you find a cave with lots of stone mining deposits, then type /use pickaxe and click any of the gold, iron, or copper deposits and wait for a message saying you have mined a gold ore, iron ore, or copper ore, then repeat the process
  • Silver Ore Mining
You can start this one similar to the way you start crystal, gold, iron, and copper mining by first getting a pickaxe from the tent at 70s 27w inside the GZ area. Then you need to run over to 36n 25w inside the cave entrance to the silver ore mines. The silver deposits are marked by mushrooms, so once you get inside the cave, be sure to walk around inside until you find the mushrooms. Then the silver deposit should be apparent to you. Just type /use pickaxe and click the silver deposit.
  • Salt Mining
In addition to using a pickaxe, you must be a citizen of Tir'an to start this activity. This works exactly like the other types of resource gathering, with the exception that the location for the salt deposits can be found at 55s 115w, and while you mine, you need to keep some drinks handy because your hydration will decrease a lot quicker while salt mining.
  • Lumberjacking
In addition to using a pickaxe, you must be a citizen of Prolix to start this activity. This works exactly like the other types of resource gathering. Also, you can lumberjack from just about every tree within Prolix territory.


The point in hunting is basically to explore the forests and seas, for clickable animals that can be "hunted". All you have to do is click animal object, and instantly you will either have killed the creature or be killed by the creature. Most animals will yield a slab of meat, which can be sold just like any other item at 52s 30w!


List of All Quests

Development History

The idea behind it was originally conceived under the name ProlixRPG by Garrick (citizen #354110) and RyanLion (citizen #355289) on June 28, 2006. Back then, it started in a P30/10 user limit world, which was a 17th birthday gift from Garrick's parents. It started out here with no bot and a small OP space that was given to RyanLion by Bluemaxe. At first it was going to be an rpg centering around a small island in a vast ocean that housed humans in one big, highly futuristic city called Prolix. There would be primitive elves, dwarves, and drows scattered about in the forest of the island. As building started, it was discovered that the idea for the futuristic city in the middle of the island flat out sucked. So the island became more completely fantasy themed.

The next phase of development involved completely redoing the terrain for the world. RyanLion generated a new terrain, which is still in place today in the world. In addition, the idea of the major civilizations Prolix City, Dolf-Hloab, Pylos, a concealed elven village, and a swamp elven village was established. Dwarves were moved to "backstory" for the world as it was considered that the dwarven civilization (called Dioscuri) was destroyed upon the arrival of the humans in Prolix City. The idea of the swamp elven village was quickly labelled as "crap", so it was changed to a holy elven village, which became known as Aspreith. When DayStar joined the staff, he took up the role of building the concealed elven village and named it Tir'an and its god of the night Torrix, two names that stuck with that part of the story even today (although it was decided early on that Tir'an would not be concealed). And when Sorceress joined the staff, the world got upgraded and took on a new name of "KorthRPG", which is finally when the name for the whole continent would be called Korth. The world continued to develop extensively until it finally became sponsored by the Activeworlds Construction Team (ACT). As a result, it took on the new world name of AWMyths and opened up officially to the public with a fully working bot on June 29, 2007.

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