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Community Portal

Welcome to the ActiveWiki Community Portal. This page is where you can find out we're working on in the ActiveWiki. Learn what tasks need to be done, what groups there are to join, and get or post news about recent events or current activities taking place on ActiveWiki.

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Obtaining an Account

Account creation is currently restricted, due to an ongoing spambot problem. If you would like to edit the ActiveWiki, please telegram Hyper Anthony in the ActiveWorlds Universe with:

  • Desired Username
  • E-mail Address

An account will be created for you, and sent to your e-mail address with the account name and a temporary password.

Starting a Page

Before starting a page, there are many helpful templates existing on the ActiveWiki that can assist you in making your page better. These pre-formatted information boxes spice pages up quite a bit!

When you think you have everything you need, just type your desired page-name into the side search box and begin editing! Thanks for editing the ActiveWiki!

Collaborations (Inactive)

Members of the ActiveWiki collaborate each week on a community-chosen topic that has been identified as needing improvement. The goal of weekly collaborations is to develop the topic in question to a respectable level on the wiki, and anyone can help! Don't be shy if you don't know anything about the topic at hand; if you have skills in wiki-formatting, taking screenshots, or getting information you have vital skills that can be very useful in collaborations!

Weekly collaborations begin each Monday.

Collaboration of the Whenever

WikiProject:Bots has been chosen as the WikiProject for the week of January 14, 2007. Bots and Utilities are a critical aspect of the Active Worlds technology, and they have a place here on ActiveWiki! If you want to contribute to this project, click the above WikiProject link to see what you can bring to the table!

If you wish to discuss which articles or topic needs attention for next weeks WikiProject, join the discussion here!

Learn to edit ActiveWiki

Learning to edit a wiki isn't difficult and can a very efficent way to present information concerning something in Active Worlds that you know a bit about. The links below can help you get started.

(Note: These are external links that lead to Wikipedia.)

General Help


User Information

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is the place for users to test out their insane, mad experiments in wiki syntax and formatting. If you're just learning how to format things, we highly encourage you take a look over the cheatsheet!

Things to do

If you're serious about editing ActiveWiki and need something to do, the following template has been made for user pages to help you keep track of tasks that need to be done.


Just paste that sucker in your user page and go to town!