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AWRPG is a role-playing world that is sponsored by AWI. The world was officially opened on February 15, 2003, promoted through the AW Newsletter and open to citizens. The world functions under a rpg bot created for the world by Magine.

AWRPG is notable for it's in-character chat system, emphasizing on player-immersion moreso than other games in the universe at the time of it's opening, such as AD&DRPG and Mutation. A departure was sought to be made from "mindless powergaming" and more towards a player-oriented environment.

AWRPG won Best Interactive Game in the 2006 Cy Awards and 2008 Cy Awards.


The setting of AWRPG is a world known as Draeda and has an extensive lore.


Draeda is divided into four major cities, each having differing philosophies and goals. Players are generally encouraged to align themselves with a city, though they don't have to. The descriptions of the cities here will detail them as they are described in game lore.

Kao’a | City of Chaos

The city of Kao’a, its air is often filled with the noise from the blacksmiths and butcher, along with heated talk in the town square or the clang of swords as the warriors train. Kao’a is a city of chaotic primal warriors who pride themselves above all upon their abilities on the battle field. The Kao’ans are a proud people, that are Loyal if they befriend you but woe betide those that make themselves enemies of Kao’a.

Because of their unpredictable nature, Kao’ans will make alliances based upon their instincts, and will only keep the Alliance so long as it suits them. Kao’ans are shrewd in the matters of business and trading, ensuring they gain the best price or deal with any arrangement they make.

Kao’a is the city of Primal Instincts and Chaos and worship Eirose, God of Primal Nature and is expressed through Chaos.

Neua | City of Light

The Imperial Mountain city of Neua bustles with Artists, Poets, and Writers. Neua has a powerful army though will only take up arms in defence. When it comes to battle they will only go into battle if no other choice remains, and will only take up arms with an ally if they believe their ally has a cause they believe is acceptable to the Gods.

Neuans are a peaceful and loving people who care for all. They rarely cheat, or lie and strive to do what is right to benefit Neua and all the Lands of Draeda. However, in their searching for the betterment for all, they can be too overly idealistic in their thinking.

Neua is the city of Light and worships Ao, God of the light and free spirit.

Orda | City of Moral Law

The Republic City of Orda sits gleaming upon the lake of Ordahnea, its streets bustle with judges, lawyers and merchants from all four corners of the realms. They are lovers of the theater and poetry, and also there can be found a great library, with volumes of books and scribing of the laws of each city. Orda is the city of Moral law. Its people hold Moral law above all else. Ordans base their society around the courts of their Lands, all decisions on any given course of action are made based upon their Morals.

Ordan’s are a somber people of deep thought forever weighing the Balance of their decisions and actions in whatever they do. They abide by the law and strive to do only that which is right by the law.

Orda is the City of Moral law. Ordans worship Veyr, God of Moral law and honor.

Xia | City of Darkness

The Royal city of Xi’a, the dark gem of Draeda, sits upon the island of Xi’a within the Xian sea. Xi’ans are a people of secrets and mysteries. They only allow a little of what they wish to be seen and known about them and their ways and keep much of who they are within the shadows of the dark. It is said that their weapon of choice is poison.

Walk into the City of Xi’a and all seems quiet as Xi’ans often talk in hushed voices to ensure their secrets and mysteries remain intact. Preferring to keep to themselves and practice the Arcane ways. Only those truly of the dark can see all that which is within the dark. Xi’ans’ do not fear death, for death is but a doorway into the Goddess’s dark embrace.

Xi’a is the city of the Dark and worships Erebos, Goddess of the Dark and Mystery, though she is not evil her ways are dark and mysterious.

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