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  This article is about the world of Sedan. For the city of Sedan, see City of Sedan. 
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— World —
The Metropolitan World of the Tropics


World of Active Worlds
Capital Panala
Largest city Sedan
Owner(s) Nyxboy, Mariobros
Caretaker(s) Nyxboy, Mariobros
Administration United Islands Government
General Information
Size P-60   Base (1,440,000 m²)
            Total (2,160,000 m²)
Founded February 15th 2006
Class G
Theme(s) Urban, Tropical
Sedan Official Website
Facebook Page

Sedan, (pronounced /sea-dən/), is a world about a populated city and its surrounding tropical environment located on an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean.

Co-founded by Nyxboy and Mariobros on February 15th 2006, the world is the setting of the fourth and fifth city to be founded by Nyxboy and their development is managed by JVP Development, a virtual urbanist firm founded in Sedan itself.

The main administrative division of the world is the city of Sedan. Mainly urban, the large and widespread developing city is the world's metropolis with more than 15 neighborhoods to discover. The city territory currently occupies about 70% of Sedan's current exploitable land area and approximately 10% of its total actual terrain.

Besides the city of Sedan, the world is also the setting of the city of Panala, the capital of the world and the United Islands, the world's official nation. Panala has an important political role for Sedan as the capital city hosts most of the world's governmental installations. Most of what is part of the world level's jurisdiction is managed by the world's government, being the federal government of the United Islands.

The world has opened to the public, including tourists, for the first time on November 1st of 2010.


First Ideas 2003

Even though the idea of the world of Sedan as it is today dates from 2006, Nyxboy first had projects of a City in an island world as far back as in 2003, just after the deletion of Daliaxy in the galaxy of Newfoundland. During that period Nyx remained in the galaxy for a few weeks during which he built a few more small things but nothing significant. One of these was a presentation of a city on an island in its own world. The exposure had a few fictive maps and images, and 2 small scale models of a bridge. The goal was to find co-owners who would have been willing to found and finance the world with him but the project did not get success and Nyx abandoned the idea.


The original plans draw by Nyxboy in 2003 were already depicting a bay and a peninsula with a bridge planned to cross it. These had resemblances with the current shape of the terrain of Sedan in its southeastern area. A mount with a panoramic view was also planned to be in the center of the world which could be considered to be an equivalent of the Mount Sedan.

Foundation of the world

The world of Sedan was created on February 15th 2006 by Nyxboy and Mariobros. The world has passed through a relatively quiet period of progressive development until 2009. Public was kept from entering the world during this entire period.

Sudden Gain of Popularity of 2009

Throughout the year of 2009, Sedan slowly started to gain in popularity mostly due to the creation of several articles about the world and its related subjects on the Activewiki. Making information about Sedan more accessible for the public.

Lonely Girl

In October 2009, Sedan Studios have made and released on youtube a short music video called Lonely Girl after the title of the song that can be heard during the video. It is about two months later that the video gained a sudden peak of popularity being noticed and spread by many users of Active Worlds. The interest in Sedan has risen exponentially and so did the pressure from the public to open the world.

The first Opening

On November 1st 2010 at 4pm VRT, the world opens for the first time to AW Citizens and tourists for a one week opening project.


On February 15th of 2011, Sedan celebrated its fifth anniversary since its foundation in February 2006. It is also the world's first anniversary that has been celebrated since the world's first opening that took place in November 2010.

The 2012 Crisis

Facing budget difficulties, the world has been forced to close for an undetermined time. As of now, no re-opening date has yet been mentionned. Sedan has been closed since spring of 2012.

Fictional Environment

Satellite capture depicting Sedan's area on Nuwa Lueza Island.

Sedan has a relatively complete fictional environment as a background, created to justify some details like street and company names, climate and architecture present in the world.

Locations and surrounding environment

The city of Sedan is the largest city and the economic center of its country located in the South Pacific Ocean. Named the United Islands, the nation is an island country composed of a main archipelago of eight main islands where each are mostly separated federated state territories, and many other distant island territories also spread in the South Pacific Ocean. The state, and island, on which the city of Sedan is established is named Nuwa Lueza. The names of the other islands and of the other most populated cities of the country as their populations are also mentioned as well.

Government Agencies

This fictive environment gave birth to some federal and state organizations that have an important role in Sedan like;

-UIBA(Federal) - United Islands Borders Authority, playing the role of world customs,

-UICI(Federal) - Similar to CIA, they are in charge of stocking all kind of data about the country,

-RTDNL(State) - Road and Traffic Division of Nuwa Lueza, In charge of the state road network and its signage.

Phone Numbers

Fictive phone numbers composed of an area code of 2 digits and a personal number of 6 digits are also used in some advertising and for some other purposes. These numbers are only used to add realism in the world and cannot be dialed.

Fictive Cultural Influences

Fictive local Polynesian expressions are omnipresent in Sedan as like street, location and company names.

Politic and Administration


The city of Panala, or simply Panala, is the official capital city of the world and theoretically the national capital city of the United Islands. Existing only as a fictive city at first since the creation of the world in 2006, the main districts and neighborhoods of the city are in the process of being actualized in the world since January 2011 in order to create a city where to settle the government of the world.

Panala is planned to host most of the federal governmental installations of the world. As of April 2011, the city as the new parliament building were still in their early stage of construction phase. It is planned that the governmental and constitutional system of Sedan will be restructured in order to be more organized to improve its administration. The governmental activities will take place progressively in parallel with the construction of the new installations like the world's Parliament House that is being built to host most the governmental meetings.

Urban Structure

Panoramic view of the city of Sedan from north December 2010

The city of Sedan has an urban structure that can be compared to those of Los Angeles and the populated cities of Australia while Panala is in someways more specifically inspired from the urban structure of Canberra, the capital of Australia. Both cities follow a spread and low density development where most of their municipal districts are composed, or planned to be composed, of suburban detached houses and small commercial buildings that have generally a maximum of two to three floors. The exception is the Central District in Sedan, the CBD of the city, which has a higher density development composed in part of skyscrapers.

In addition of the urban area, Sedan is surrounded by some beaches and the ocean on its coastal sides and national parks composed of mountains and tropical jungles on its north and west side.

JVP Development is the current company in charge of the world's development.


The idea of incorporating communities into the city of Sedan has been largely discussed and considered by Nyxboy since 2008. Thought the concept is still unclear, the basis would be to allow properties and pieces of land to AW citizens who would be interrested to become a Sedanian resident or simply own a property in the city but could also extend to get involved with organized activities and other community's contributions to the city.

Real Estate and North Paya District

The lots and properties distribution to citizens would be done through the concept of a Sedanian Real Estate organization where available lots and properties in Sedan would be listed and presented on a webpage and identified in the world by a for sale sign.

The North Sedan District, located in the north of the city, is the number one area listed of those picked as a pilot project for such developments. The area would be very suburbian with igh-middle class detached houses. A street with exposures of house models could also be built. Depending of how the project goes, other sectors of the city could be adapted into habitable zones.

Concept of value

Until now, the only distribution system would be to give, what would be very limited, terrains and properties available by the principle of First to ask, first to have. But the urbanism firm, JVP Development, is searching for more interresting system as there is currently no way to create a currency exchange in Sedan and, if the project developed, all properties in Sedan wouldn't have the same values like in real life especially about terrain space, location's style and proximity to important point of interest such as the Central District, the beach and other panoramic zones. Of course virtual money and amount of time spent in the world have been factors that have been considered to use to priorise future owners but the way it could be managed is until now unknown.


Road Network

Sedan has a very developed road network composed of several roads and boulevards assisted with freeways, bridges, tunnels and complex interchanges.

The roads and registered motor vehicles in the Sedan area are maintained and manage by the RTDNL(Roads and Traffic Division of Nuwa Lueza), a state level agency. See RTDNL webpage. The roads in the Capital Area are federally manage directly by the UI Department of Transportation but all the road infrastructures and signalization in Sedan strictly follow the world's road standards imposed by the UI Department of Transportation.

See Article: Sedan Road System.
The Fedroad 1 towards north in December 2010.


There are two types of freeway in the world of Sedan connecting most of the cities's neighborhoods such as the national freeway system, only the Fedroad 1 and three of the Nuwa Luezan state freeways in the case of the city of Sedan, counting a total of four in the metropolis. The widest freeway is the Fedroad 1 for having partially 5 to 6 lanes in each directions. Most freeways in Sedan are composed of two to three lanes in each directions. Although, on September 23rd 2009, the RTDNL upgraded the City Bypass Freeway (NL20) into an 8 lanes wide freeway(4 in each directions).

Public Transportation


In the city of Sedan a public transit agency is partly operational. Named Metroway, the agency is running a bus network that is, as of December 2010, partially operational. A metro network is also planned to be built in a near future. Both systems use the server controlled movers technology.

Sedan International Airport

The main and only, tough imposing, airport in Sedan is the Sedan International Airport, SIA, serving the city of Sedan and theoretically all the southeastern regions of Nuwa Lueza, and is the main hub for the national airline carrier Pawa Airlines. The SIA's terminal is still under construction and is one of the two JVP building project priorities alongside with the road network.

Occupying most of the Pasawulu Peninsula, the terrain allowed to the airport that includes the terminals and the runways takes 615cells or 61,500m² of the world's usable land. It also has been extended significantly with the addition of an important size of land reclamation in early 2011. This portion added of the other accommodations like a parking lot, a car rental and a metro station will occupy approximately 5% of the city territory.

The Sedan International Airport is used to welcome the users visiting the city on the remote archipelago since November 1st 2010.

Economy and world's organizations

Tall skyscrapers in the Central District are the symbol of Sedan's prosperous economy. On the left, headquarter of the UI Bank is the largest bank in the United Islands

Sedan is said to have a wealthy economy where technologies, tourism and finance occupy an important place. Though not yet used the world already has its own currency, the UI Dollar(UID) and its own fictive stock exchange, UISX. There is many fictive companies in Sedan and as the city of Sedan is said to be the largest city and the economic center of the United Islands), most of them are, or will be, headquartered in the Central District of Sedan. Some most notable of them are Nuwatel, Payatek and UI Bank.


In the city of Sedan alone, there are currently 4 banks headquartered in the CD; the UI Bank, the Bank of Ashfax, Nuib and the Bank Archipelago.

Film Industry

As the world is developing, the sedanian film industry has been forming since the creation of Sedan Studios during the summer of 2009, expending the newly sedanian arts and culture.

Law enforcement organizations

SPD Police car

Though the UIBA can be considered as such, the Sedan Police Department (SPD) is currently the only law enforcement agency patrolling in Sedan on a municipal level. Its jurisdiction is limited within the territory of the city itself but extends on all the state and national freeways on the city territory as there is currently no independent highway patrol department in Sedan.

The department is equipped with a fleet of SPD customized police cars patrolling in most of the city districts and helicopters are also expected for future air patrolling.

Other policing agencies

In addition to the SPD, a federal police department is planned to be created to serve on the national level in the United Islands but it is not clear yet where exactly their jurisdiction would extend. Also, a state police department, a highway patrol department and an independent authority in charge of the airport are some other police units that are being considered.

Landmarks and symbols

Important landmarks and symbols of Sedan include the Sedan Sign alongside the mount Sedan, Albizia Beach, the Sedan Bridge, the One Central Square (The Sedan Tower), Pacific District, Pacific Blvd, Ashfax Blvd, Mount Luh'Wara, the coconut palm, the Sedanian wide freeways and the Nuwa Lueza license plate.

See also

  • Daliaxy - A dense city that existed in the galaxy of Newfoundland from 2002 to 2003.
  • Sokiland - Nyxboy's first city built in Alphaworld.
  • JVP Development - Nyxboy's Urbanism Companies in charge of Sedan's development
  • Nyxboy - Sedan's co-founder and developer