Moonlight Heights

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Moonlight Heights
Community of AWTeen

AWTeen 520S 500W 2.41A 180




April 7, 2001





Moonlight Heights is a large city in AWTeen. Founded in 2001 by AlexTheMartianit is the oldest surviving town in AWTeen, and also the only one to receive a Cy Award for one of its structures. Moonlight Heights goes through times of being active and non-active, however at least once every year the town is picked up and buildings are built or renovated along with new residents joining.


In recent years Moonlight Heights has been maintained by both mayor AlexTheMartian and town manager MrMeh, and for most of its first 6 years of existence the town have been without a written system of government, however due to the restructuring of the town in preparation for becoming part of the Scarabian Republic the town has been divided up into administrative districts.

On November 28, 2007 the town was divided into 5 districts, and currently there is only 2 district managers, AlexTheMartian for Mountain district and MrMeh for Central district. Moonlight Heights decided not to divide it districts into precincts like SW City has due to the smaller size of the town. Also, because AWTeen's Caretaker was named Governor during the time of restructuring, Moonlight Heights changed even more from SW City's government system by naming heads of districts "managers".

Notable Locations

  • Ground Zero :: 520s 500w 2.41a 180 :: Moonlight Height's ground zero is updated fairly often, and usually offers information about the city, as well as a teleport center. However, as of October 2010, the latest edition of the ground zero lacks this information. All information can now be found on this page.
  • Martian Stadium :: 517S 415.5W 270 :: An NFL-sized football stadium. This building received a Cy Award for Innovative Design in 2004.
  • Wal-Mart :: 570S 406.5W 180 :: A full-sized replica of Wal-Mart, highly detailed.
  • Moonlight Heights Observatory :: 693.5S 465W 6.69a 80 :: An observatory at Moonlight Height's highest point. Built by both AlexTheMartian and Ferruccio August 2004. Inside is a model of the 200-Inch Hale Mirror Telescope at Palomar Observatory (near San Diego, CA). Also, outside the observatory are various broadcasting antennas.
  • Moonlight Heights Dam :: 663.41S 489.93W 1.62a 177 :: A large conventional hydroelectric dam to generate electricity to the city, although the electricity system was never completed, there are power lines in various areas throughout the city.
  • Cypress Expressway (formerly Moonlight-Arklay Expressway) :: 551.12S 509.64W 170 :: The northern terminus of a long highway connecting Moonlight Heights and New Arklay City, created in 2006. Although mostly built by AlexTheMartian, New Arklay City staff helped make the final southern connection into their city, and pcnate provided the necessary interchanges to smoothly integrate with the AWTeen Interway Authority system, most notably the interchange with Interway 7 (IW-7), a main east-west. At the end of 2007 it was renamed the Cypress Expressway and the southern end rerouted to end in downtown Cypress Hollow.
  • Dinoco Gas Station :: 616.30S 494.60W 0.50a 247 :: Replica of a gas station shown in the motion picture Toy Story.

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