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Storage is a public building world owned by Andras. Storage is fairly popular among tourists, for its unique object path and constantly enabled Guardbot. Storage World is also host to the annual Christmas Multi-World Present Hunt and the Easter Multi-World Egg Hunt.


Storage World is unique from most other public building worlds in the fact that it is privately owned. For builders, this brings its own advantages and disadvantages, and attracts builders looking for a change in scenery.

Tourists are common builders in this world, and aside from AWTeen, it is one of the few worlds where tourists may build. The safety of a tourist building in Storage is further amplified by the Guardian Angel Tourist Protection bots in the world.

Storage World provides a map of the world for builders, which is occasionally updated.


There are several regulations in place for builders, which are as follows:

  • Cover your lot.
  • Avoid z-buffering.
  • Build something nice you would show to others!
  • Don't litter other lots until you finished with your current one.
  • Do not delete Tourist objects.

World Hunts

In 1997, Andras and Daphne created the annual Storage World Easter Egg Hunt, which is a bot-controlled, interactive game that lets users search for Easter Eggs scattered across the world. In the following year, the Christmas Hunt was introduced to the world, using the same premise, with the only exception being the use of presents instead of easter eggs. The two hunts have been held every year since.

After Daphne passed away, Elyk assumed her duties in caretaking the world and participating in the management of the hunt. The hunts have since been upgraded to support a hunt through a network of worlds, and have become known as the Multi-World Hunts.

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