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World of Active Worlds

June 18, 2007


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The Active Worlds Construction Team (or ACT) was an organization that existed so that citizens may suggest ideas that would improve the Active Worlds community. The sponsored ideas, if passed by the ACT Caretakers and an Active Worlds, Inc. pepresentative, were sponsored and supported by Active Worlds, Inc. and the community. The ACT Project was led by Flagg, Lee R, and RaygoeFlash.

ACT Structure

The ACT is broken down into two groups of people. One group, the administrators of the ACT, decide whether or not a project would be worthy or useful to the Active Worlds community. That group does not, normally, get involved in each of the individual projects. However, that doesn't mean that they cannot assist, create or lead an ACT project. On the other hand, there are the volunteers of ACT. They assist and lead the projects. Active Worlds officials oversee the progress of the project as well as hold the final word for any project submission. Active Worlds officials also provide applicable resources to the project, such as a world.

A person who submits the project does not necessarily have to be the project leader; however, it normally works that way.

ACT Project Submission Process

1. The citizen must build a demo or "expo" within a lot on ACT's Project Island. This demo should be creative and list resources needed, volunteers interested, main objective, and should clearly show how the project will benefit the community.

2. The citizen who has submitted the idea, must now contact an ACT Core Team Member. The ACT Core Team Members will then review the project, and if they think the project would benefit the community, the citizen will be interviewed.

3. If all is good, the idea will be submitted to AWI and will be reviewed one last time.

ACT Projects

Status Legend

1. Finished = Project finished and released.
2. Final Stages = Project finishing up a few final stages before release.
3. Ongoing = Active Project still under Construction.
4. Stalled = Project that is either inactive or not currently in mainstream construction.
5. Unknown = Project status is not known.

Ongoing Projects

Project Name Project Leader Status
Evolution Mr. Jackson Stalled
AW@WAR Flagg Stalled

Finished Projects

Project Name Project Leader(s)
AWMyths Garrick
AWNewbie Ryan
Winter Talisan
Flagg04 SW Comit
Space Bingo Flagg
AWDebate PrinceBullet
AWRPG Poseidon
Awesome Genevieve
SuperPath Flagg \ SW Chris


  • ACT was officially established July 18, 2007
  • ACT entered a booth in the 2008 AWExpo
  • ACT joined the Storage's 11th Annual Multiworld Christmas Hunt (2008)