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Hyria - The world was opened on Feb. 2003 after some experiments as "trial world server" during 2002. [1]. It is a P50 world owned by Prometheo (330574), always open for tourists and with a specific area where tourists can start to learn in building and to experiment.



Hyria world was born as multilingual project and the official website is in 8 different languages, thanks the contributions by many friends in aw that supported this kind of policy.

The evolution on the map of the building area is like a spiral. In the center of the world is the 3d reconstruction of the historical center of Oria (ancient Hyria or Orra was an inland city on the Appian Way, between Tarentum and Brundisium). The tradition recorded by Herodotus, which is of special interest in this connection, sets forth that Minos went to Sicily in search of Dædalus, the great architect, and there was murdered. An expedition followed to avenge his death, and besieged Camicus for five years. Their efforts were, however, unsuccessful. On their way home their vessels were wrecked on the South Coast of Italy, where they founded the town of Hyria.

The 3d reconstruction of this ancient city is based on a 3d cad map furnished by the municipality of Oria. Prometheo translated this in rwx using software like Accutrans, Rhino and Modeler.

Outside from the center there is the building area for citizen, tourists, for experiments and cultural events:

1. Many lands are still available for aw cit. and it is possible to ask for a space, gramming to Prometheo just in aw.

2. In the Northern side of the world there is the tourists space and the municipality with the interactive 3d map of the world.

80% of the objects in Hyria were made by Prometheo and there are many 3d laser scanning models translated for ActiveWorlds. You can enjoy exploration looking for secret places where it is possible to download fantastic 3d models and seamless textures made by Prometheo through original photos made just to be textures directly in Pompeii, Rome, Hyria, Athens and Krete.

Archeological sites and 3d reconstructions:

a) Acropoli Area of Athens with fantastic 3d laser scanning models and 3d rebuilding of Parthenon Area.

b) Greek Museum of Archeology and 3d rebuilding of Epidauros Theater. c) Egyptian Museum with fantastic 3d reconstructions based on models and textures from the egyptian museum of Cairo, London and Torino. A new section was opened here dedicated to the Gospel of Juda with fantastic 3d models.

d) The Roman Area with a Roman villa based on Pompeii style with true seamless textures.

e) The stadium with athletic area where the building has these characteristics: there aren't objects, with the exception of some structures, only terrain textures.

f) The Slow Food Area. In the southern side of the world. An exhibition land dedicated to the traditional mediterranean food and secrets, with explanations in 4 different languages.

From 2004 - 59th Anniversary of SHOAH - Hyria world organizes Exhibition Event for Days of Remembrance, organizing meeting for students of Italian school.

Now, in building, is a spectacular big space for contemporary art, events and exhibitions: the 3d reconstruction of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao.