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Winter is a large historical public building world founded originally by the Titans Guild in 1996. As the name implies the world consists of wintery builds and land, also sporting worldwide snowy terrain and a winter sky box. Winter world was shut down in 2005, but was revived by Talisan and MaXPoly which has recently found success and interest through an AWI sponsored building contest.

Annual Competitions

There are 2 annual AWI sponsored events held in Winter every year which started in 2008.

Winter Build Competition(WBC)

The Winter Build Competition is held in the month of December and is a 4 week competition among citizens to build the best winter themed build they can. The top 3 builds receive prizes from AWI which may include citizenship extensions or worlds. V4 rights for other AWI owned worlds are also granted to a larger group of builders who show skill in building, as well as appropriate use of the V4 skills during the competition.

WBC08 was held from December 1, 2008 to January 11, 2009. The winners were Tart Sugar (331363), Seiya (357069), and Horizon City (321704).

WBC09 is scheduled to be held Friday December 4, 2009(~23:59 VRT or earlier) to Sunday January 3, 2010(23:59 VRT) for a 4 week 3 day competition.

Theme Park Competition(TPC)

The winter Theme Park Competition is held in the Month of July and is typically a 6 week competition between teams of citizens building sections of a larger theme park. Each team picks a unique theme for their area and builds games, rides, and other concessions areas which fit it.

TPC2009 was held from June 26, 2009 to August 9.

TPC10 is tentatively scheduled for between Friday June 25, 2010 to Sunday August 8, 2010 for a 6 week 3 day competition.

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