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AWSchool is one of the oldest worlds in ActiveWorlds; it is designed to teach users about basic building.

In late 2006, the returning Flagg closed AWUniversity and AWNewbie and redirected their resources into AWSchool, giving it a large increase in land under the control of dreamer2.

This world is dedicated to teaching within the Active Worlds universe. The school offers basic building lessons for the new citizen or tourist as well as more advanced courses and tutorials. The advanced educational courses are specially designed for the not-so-new citizen. Tutorials for all events are offered thoughout the world. There are specific areas for the new versions of Active Worlds. These tutorials are very specific and can be learned without a teacher present. These include Zones, Movers, Particle Emitters, Cameras, Media, Making Movies, Shadows, and Envi (the mirror effect). Teacher email addresses are included on signs near ground zero for you to schedule a lesson. You can also telegram an online teacher for quick assistance. You are unlimited in what you can create within Active Worlds. It is also a great idea to explore worlds which are age appropriate rated. One will find people of all ages to meet and chat with. You have the freedom to build, chat, and explore. The school is here to help you do all this. Take time to learn as knowledge will increase the value of your experience in Active Worlds. The school also allows building areas for tourist and citizens to learn or improve building skills. We expect you will learn to enjoy this program as much as we do.

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