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August 13, 2000


P3750 N,W,S,E 250 Users






WildAW is a world that was created by AWI as an alternative to the popular world, Alphaworld. The main difference between Alphaworld and WildAW is the fact that WildAW's chat is completely un-moderated and is set the 'R' world rating. In the first few weeks of this world it was marginally popular with a few builders to sustain it; however, it lost most of its builders over those weeks.


WildAW was formed sometime around August 13, 2000. It hosted a lot-style building technique for the first 20 decimeters. This is excluding, of course, the roads that span the two main axis, West to East and North to South, they expanded to 100 decimeters. With AWI's assistance they have insured that roads remain an essential part of WildAW; almost all builds are connected with roads.

Decline in Popularity

While it was marginally popular the first few weeks, a month would go by before WildAW lost most of its popularity becoming the largest AWI Ghost World.

Recent Years

Recently, the world has gone through a transition to the new technology that AWI now supports. These include, but are not limited to, Particles, Movers, and other V4 Objects. The GZ was redesigned in 2007 by Bach Zhaa, particularly featuring a roller coaster that employes movers.

The world, however, is now almost completely dead. The user count flounders between 0 and 1 most days and no active communities exist in WildAW.

2010 Vandalism Incident

In February three users were banned from the universe for building and defacing the world's ground zero—this was possible due to an issue with the world registry and the restricted radius not being set. After the bannings, questions were raised on the Forums concerning the nature of the world's moderation policy. It was made clear by Flagg that this moderation policy was in effect for chat—generally summed up in the Conduct Guidelines—but matters of building (found in the Content Guidelines) still applied and were enforced.

As of February 23, the universe bans were lifted or otherwise in mediation and matters have been reconciled. The world re-opened to the public on March 3.


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