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A Public Building World is a type of world where building is enabled for everybody and often times is the chief feature of the world. Public Building Worlds often allow bots from all users to enter the world to suppliment the building experience, and some are large enough to support independent towns and communities.

These types of worlds are often deemed the "bread and butter" of the Active Worlds universe due to the unique potential for user interaction and development within them that doesn't exist in similar software. Public Building Worlds offer free land; in some instances, such as Alphaworld, over 400 square miles of land which is dedicated solely to public building.

Many such worlds have existed for many years, and as such finding free land may be difficult for those who don't know where to look. A guide to finding land has been written to address this.

World Theme Tourist-building Caretaker(s) Rating
America General No Jetta Lewis, Ciena, Xena G;
Alphaworld (AW) General Yes AWI PG;
Atlantis Underwater No AWI G;
AWNewbie Tourist Building Yes AWI, Ryan G;
AWTeen General Yes AWI, NurseMom PG;
COFMeta Metatropolis (Urban) No AWI G;
Colony Space Colony No AWI PG-13;
Hyria Entertainment/informative/edu Yes - limited Prometheo, Mirko, Riohnna, Hyria G;
Mars Martian Surface No AWI G;
Pata General No Tengel G;
Storage General Yes Andras G;
TheBeans General Yes bluebean, maki PG;
Yellow Nature No AWI, Digigurl G;
WildAW General No AWI, Flagg R;
Winter Snowy Winter AWI, Talisan PG;
Public Building Worlds


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