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Harps, also known as the Harp Information Center, is a compilation of links submitted by other harp players and personal searches by the world owner on the web. It is intended to be a living site with new links added by those who chose to visit and use the center as a resource. It creates a way to network with other Harp people not in the same local area (or country for that matter). It is Peacekeeper patrolled.

There is an ever growing set of web links which are always being added to the site by others. It has something for every one: Music theory, how to buy a harp and who to get it from, midi links for those who play by ear and links for those who prefer sheet music. It even incorporates music history links. The goal is to expand the site into the most useful information center on harps by bringing everyone who loves the harp together in synergy world wide.

A stained glass gallery with original work by WhiteWave Creations, added recently to the world, is due south from ground zero. Also new are pavilions dedicated to harp player and harp teacher web links. These are due east of the arrival point.

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