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Digigurl is a retired builder and community leader in the Active Worlds Universe. She is most notable for successfully spearheading the revival of Yellow world in 2007. She is a former AWTeen and AWNewbie caretaker.

-Digigurl's Activeworlds Time line-

  • 2002- Joined Activeworlds
  • 2003- AWNewbie Watchkeeper
  • 2004- AWNewbie Watchkeeper, AWTeen GZ builder, TheBeans Caretaker, Teengate Caretaker, Birthday builder
  • 2005- AWNewbie Watchkeeper, AWTeen GZ builder, AWTeen JAM, AWTeen Patrol, Birthday Builder
  • 2006- AWNewbie Caretaker, AWTeen Caretaker
  • 2007- AWSchool Teacher Aide, AWTeen Caretaker, Yellow Caretaker, CY awards building team
  • 2008- Yellow Caretaker/Object path manager, AWTrivia host, CY awards team, AWExpo Team
  • 2009- Yellow Caretaker/Object path manager, CY awards team
  • 2010- Yellow Caretaker/Object path manager, Retired from Activeworlds