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A bot with a presence in the 3D world with a square bracketed name. Bots in global mode do not have an in-world presence.
UI of a single-purpose bot, with common login fields for citizen number, privilege password and world.

Bots (a shortened form of robots) are computer programs which utilize the Active Worlds (software) SDK. Such programs can carry out in-world tasks such as backups and restores of builds, chat management, automation of world settings and administration of the universe.

Typically, users can interact with bots in a similar way as with other users. Most bots have a visible avatar and can communicate in-world through chat. Bots log into the universe using a citizen's privilege password, with a default limit of three logged-in bots per citizen. They are distinguished from standard citizens by use of brackets around their user name. For example, a bot named Alice would be seen in-world as "[Alice]".


Main Article: SDK

All bots utilize the SDK as it is the only official programming interface available. It is a client-side API that connects to the universe and then allows a presence in a world. The SDK is used as a static or dynamic library for C/C++, a COM interface for COM-compatible languages and as a wrapper library for CLI languages such as C# or VB.NET.

Connecting a bot to a universe requires the privilege password of a non-expired citizen. By default, citizens are limited to three logged-in instances, however Active Worlds citizens may have this extended with a special request to support.

To enter a world, a citizen must have bot rights for that world. Bots with an in-world presence can be identified by citizens by right clicking their avatar or chat messages, which exposes the bot's citizen number.


Bots of a wide variety of purposes are available. Over the course of the SDK's existence, two main groups of bots have formed; one serving a single specific purpose, the other serving as a toolkit with many different, sometimes end-user extendable, functions.

Single-purpose Bots

Single-purpose bots are developed for a specific purpose or function, such as bots developed for a specific RPG world or specializing in the backup and restoration of builds.

Examples of single-purpose bots include:

  • YASBB - For surveying, loading and saving builds
  • Hermes - Provides enhanced chat abilities such as global broadcast and colored messages
  • Demeter - For allowing both tourists and citizens to modify a world's terrain

General-purpose bots

General-purpose bots are suited for handling many different general functions to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Typically, such bots include a scripting interface to allow the end-user to use SDK functions without having to learn code or the SDK itself. However this can still present a varied learning curve for those unfamiliar with Acive Worlds.

For example, the Preston bots uses a list-like interface with choosable settings to program the bot, with a large degree of flexibility. Where as Xelagot provides a scripting interface with a steeper learning curve but a larger degree of flexibility, with access to a more useful and assorted array of functions than the base SDK itself.

Examples of general-purpose bots include:

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User contributed Utilities and Bots

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Programs which do not use or involve the SDK

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Programs which do not use or involve the SDK

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Single-Purpose Bots

Programs that specializes in one task within Active Worlds

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Multi-Purpose Bots

Programs which do a wide array of tasks within Active Worlds

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