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Founded 1998
Founder Ima Genius
Current Owner Ima Genius
Location AWGames

ImaBot is an organization dedicated to producing bots and utilities for Active Worlds. Created in 1998, ImaBot is recognized across the Universe for the quality of its services and has earned a number of Cy Awards to reflect that. ImaBot is owned by Ima Genius, who often works with associates such as RoadKill and Byte.



ImaBot has received eight Cy Awards over the course of its existence.

  • Cy Award for Technical Innovation: Faber for Preston
  • Cy Award for Technical Enhancements/Initiative: Ima Genius, Faber, and Byte for CyPac
  • Cy Award for Object Design/Texture Application: Ima Genius for AWGames
  • Cy Award for Most Originality: Ima Genius and Byte Me for AWGames
  • Cy Award for Best Software: RoadKill for AlphaMapper
  • Cy Award for Best Bot Design: Ima Genius for Preston
  • Cy Lifetime Achievement Award: Ima Genius
  • Cy Spirit Achievement Award: Byte



The AlphaMapper is an advanced mapping tool released in 2007 that is designed to take the place of the now defunct AWMapper. AlphaMapper is the culmination of years of work, built by RoadKill with support from Ima Genius and Byte. AlphaMapper uses the Google Maps interface to display a full map of AlphaWorld that users can move to their desired location, as well as zoom in/out and teleport directly to the location they are focused on.

AlphaWorld Property Search

The AlphaWorld Property Search is a utility designed to search a database for specified objects and their locations in AlphaWorld. This is useful for finding long-lost builds, your first object in Alphaworld, or determining a user's object count. The Property Search requires use of a privilege password in order to verify that the property being searched belongs to that citizen. The property search can be found here.


Main Article: AWGames.

AWGames is a gaming world created on November 10, 1998, by ImaBot. AWGames hosts a plethora of single and multi-player, bot-controlled games that are unique to that world. Games such as CyPac, a lifesized AW version of Pac-Man. When it was first created in 1998 it only supported Soccer, but now hosts Bingo, Bowling, Checkers, Chess, CyPac, Morris, Othello, Soccer, Trivia, and Warship.

Public Bots

ImaBot has released six bots for public use, which are downloadable from their homepage. Among these bots are the BallBot, BirdBot, ChatBot, Nestor, the multi-purpose Preston bot, and the SeedBot.

External Links

User contributed Utilities and Bots

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Programs which do not use or involve the SDK

Accutrans 3D (url)


Programs which do not use or involve the SDK

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Single-Purpose Bots

Programs that specializes in one task within Active Worlds

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Multi-Purpose Bots

Programs which do a wide array of tasks within Active Worlds

AWUtility (url)Eclipse Evolution (url)Magsbot (url)Preston (url)Xelagot (url) (3.4) • YASBB (url)

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