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Active Worlds Portals is the 2nd largest site relating to Active Worlds on the internet; it is owned by Mark Randall (Strike Rapier) as a portal for community and business resources relating to Active Worlds.

At present the site receives around 10,000 hits a week and contains documentation, user profiles, community lists, a world database and various other toys.


The Awportals Chronicles is a service provided to cover news of events within the main AW universe as well as commentary on the technology. Such articles are put in the "Featured Articles" section.

Citizen Database & Badges

The Awportals Citizen Database is a constantly updated website section detailing the citizen list of the primary universe, it has over 60,000 records. On January 12th, 2008 Mark Randall announced to the forums the expansion of the Citizen Database to include the 'Badges' scheme - visual awards tied to achievement and effort in the primary universe.

Within 14 hours of launching the Citizen Badges scheme was partnered with the Gatekeepers, AWNewbie, AWTeen, CYAwards and SW City.

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