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Mark Randall is also known as Strike Rapier, or simply Mark and is a well established citizen in the Activeworlds and other universes.

Strike Rapier
Citizen of Active Worlds


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Jenius, Strike Rapier, Mark, Mark Randall, [Eclipse], [Evo MR]


United Kingdom









SDK Programmer

Virtual Resume (Past)


Joined the AWTeen Major Events team in 2002 when picked by Gandalf. Became de-facto leader of the major events team in late 2002 along with Stecloud.

Became Council Secretary while the world was under the leadership of Chanty and brought order to a civilised world.

Became Head of Security sometime around 2006 around the time Hyper Anthony was in charge, using the newly instated Zeus bot to watch over the world.

Became the first elected governor of AWTeen and held the position for 2 terms, being the only user to ever successfully complete a whole term, resigned to allow User:Espilae to take over as Governor only to be forced back into the position when Espilae left. Appointed Matthew and Nina Taru as co-caretakers.

Was assigned as the main ERT and community representative of the world in the post-governor system, as well as the main technical operative.

Was reassigned as Head Caretaker of AWTeen in the post-post governor system along with Nina Taru and Shli until mid 2009 when I finally resigned as a full time primary caretaker when Frosta agreed to take over. I retained full rights as a CT and ERT but am no longer involved in the day to day running of the world - thank god for that.

I have also had the following roles: Major Events, Leader of Major Events, Minor Events, Leader of Minor Events, Just Ask Me, Council Secretary, Head of Security, Teen Patrol, Bot Developer and various other things.

I also brought about the resignations of more CTs than any other person, acting as the world's self appointed review board.

My technology now runs the majority of AWTeen services.


The ARC project was originally set up by John Doe to be a brand new RPG. After a couple of months of development I was forced to leave the project due to problems with the rate of progress from other aspects of the RPG.

ARC now exists in one of the ACT worlds.


I have not had much involvement with AWNewbie with the exception of creating the first example of the tourist build protection bot which was then replaced by Tourist Guardian by Andras.

Other Projects

When I first joined Activeworlds I made my own group of PK wannabes called the SKs in the Starscape.

I spent a year working for Richard Giles in AWEdu on Bot Technology on a quid-pro-quo arrangement that ended when the pro-quo never materialised.

I was a member of the AWA, and later recreated the world along similar lines in late 2007.


  • 2006 Cy Awards - Eclipse Evolution
  • 2008 Cy Awards - Best Software
  • 2008 Cy Awards - Best Website
  • 2009 Cy Awards - Lifetime Achievement
  • Support AW Award - 2006, Best Bot (shared with Hermes)
  • Support AW Award - 2007, Greatest Online Resource for
  • Mariane Community Award - August 2009, Aw@War
  • Mariane Community Award - July 2009, Best Website


For over a year now I have been working full time as Lead Programmer and Systems Architect for Digitell 3D developing their 3D meetings and exhibitions platform based on the Activeworlds software. With the benefit of a research, graphics, modelling and sales staff I have been able to develop some absolutely crazy features based around the Activeworlds SDK.


I am most commonly known for my technology, almost all Activeworlds users encounter or use my technology at one point or another.

  • - The #1 website relating to Active Worlds, what is visible on the outside is only part of the project, with large back end databases running in-world technology.
  • Eclipse Evolution - No single bot interacts with so many users, this bot is deployed globally in Alphaworld and AWTeen as well as frequently events in custom made worlds, as well as in AWGate.
  • Rights Queue - Designed the rights shifting mechanism used in Alphaworld and Mars to grant users V4 rights that they have won in competitions where the list would usually be too long to support.