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A female citizen visiting the AWGate, using a Personal Avatar

A Citizen is a user who owns a citizen account. Citizens enjoy the full array of features offered by the browser, some of which are listed below. A citizen is often a user who has upgraded from tourist status.

As of June 2013, citizenship in the Active Worlds universe is free.


  1. Can visit all worlds that allow public access.
  2. Can build in all worlds that allow building.
  3. Their building cannot be deleted/modified by other users.
  4. Build cooperatively with others using a Privilege Password.
  5. Select and reserve a unique username for their use only.
  6. Own their own World(s)
  7. Login and operate bots to perform various tasks.
  8. Choose from a variety of avatars supplied by the world they are visiting. Personal and Custom avatars may also be used if the world they are visiting has these enabled. Worlds like AWMyths have the PAV and CAV options disabled
  9. Keep a contact list of friends and send/receive telegrams. Contact list means they can join or invite friends, or view their online status.
  10. Ability to join the Active Worlds Forum. You may keep your forum account after expiring.

Citizen Attributes

The citizen attributes window

Using the Options >> Citizen option, one can view and edit their own Citizen Attributes.

Citizen Name

Your unique citizen name for your use only which is set upon registration. You may change this at any time, as long as the name you are changing to does not already belong to someone else.

Citizen Number

All citizens are assigned a unique number upon registration, known as the citizen number. This number is vital in the use of bots and other tools that require you to login with your citizen information.

Password / Confirm Password

This is the password you will use when you login to Active Worlds. For the average user, this is usually the only time you will need to use this password. Like any passwords, you should never give this password out to anyone. See also: Password Security

Email Address

The e-mail address you used upon registration is set here and can be changed at any time. It is worthy to note that the password you set here should always be one you have access to, as it is vital in retrieving data such as lost passwords or renewing your citizenship after a long expiration hiatus.

Home Page

The website set here can be accessed by other users. You can view the home pages of other citizens in one of two ways, either from the avatar pop-up menu or from the contacts list. This is an optional field.

Privilege Password

The privilege password is also an optional field. The privilege password can be used to allow other users to edit your property using the Acquire Privileges menu. It is also the main password used when logging in bots and other tools. If you don't want anyone to acquire your privileges, we recommend leaving this field blank at all times. Main Article: Privileges


The date and time that your citizenship was first created.

Renew By

The date which your citizenship will expire. If the renewal date is less than 30 days away, you will receive a message from the Immigration Officer upon entry to Active Worlds, and a Renew button will appear in the main toolbar for extending your citizenship.

Total Time Online

The total time that you have spent on Active Worlds. For older users, online time before December 1, 2000 was not recorded.

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