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This is a listing of common terms, phrases, and abbreviations used in Active Worlds and in the Activeworlds community.


  • AABB - Axes aligned bounding box.
  • AFK - Acronym for Away From Keyboard.
    • A variation, AFAW, is sometimes used, which indicates the user is Away From Active Worlds, but not away from their keyboard.
  • Av - See Avatar.
  • Avatar - Describes the in-world representation of someone in Activeworlds. See also Avatars.
  • Avcheck - Used to notify someone if they are not in their usual avatar.
  • AW - Acronym for either Active Worlds or Alphaworld.
  • AWI - Acronym for Active Worlds Inc., the company behind Activeworlds.
  • Axis - Describes a particular set of three perpendicular directions (X, Y, and Z). Plural is Axes.


  • Bot - Describes a (usually) computer-controlled avatar. See also Bots.
  • Single-purpose bot - A program made to assist in a single task, such as building, terrain editing or chat logging.
  • Multi-purpose bot - A program which does multiple tasks or provides a scripting interface to allow the user to easily do multiple things in Active Worlds or make complex systems, such as an RPG bot that handles items, combat, etc.
  • Bounce - Teleporting from one world to another and back, usually done to jog the cache to re-download any failed objects or textures.
  • BRB - Acronym for Be Right Back.
  • Builder - Describes someone whose primary use of Active Worlds is building.


  • Cache - Local storage of objects, textures and animations as well as terrain, world attributes and object positions for quicker loading.
  • Caretaker - A Caretaker is a user who takes care of a world in the ActiveWorlds universe. For example, the caretaker of Yellow is Digigurl. Some worlds, like AWTeen, may have multiple caretakers.
  • CAV - Acronym for Custom Avatars.
  • Cell - Describes a 10 meter by 10 meter square, going infinitely upwards and downwards.
  • Cit - Abbreviation for Citizen, describing someone who has paid for and/or registered a name in AW.
  • COB - A less commonly-used file format to store 3D objects for use in Activeworlds.
  • CoF - Acronym for Circle of Fire, the former name of ActiveWorlds, Inc.
  • CT - Acronym for Caretaker.


  • Decametre - A unit of measurement, where 1 dam equals to 10 meters. Used for coordinates, where one coordinate/cell is one decametre.
  • Direct3D - An interface through which the Activeworlds browser displays graphics.


  • Encroachment - When an object belonging to one person goes above or below the surface area of another person's object. The server, when a registry file is present, checks for encroachment to reduce vandalism of one's property.


  • FPS - Acronym for Frames Per Second, usually describing the speed of the Activeworlds browser. This can also mean First Person Shooter, sometimes describing the style of AW@War gameplay.
  • Freelook mode - When enabled, allows both horizontal and vertical rotation of the camera in mouselook mode, rather than having vertical mouse movement move the user forwards and backwards.


  • Galaxy - Describes an isolated single world environment. See also Galaxy.
  • GK - Acronym for Gatekeeper.
  • GZ - Acronym for Ground Zero, the entry point in a world.






  • Lag - Usually describes lower-than-desired frames/sec in the Activeworlds browser.


  • Model - A 3D object that can be built with or act as a mover.
  • Mover - A special object that users can drive, ride, or pick up.


  • NP - Acronym for No Problem.


  • Object - Describes a single element in a build. Multiple objects are put together to form the building.
  • Object Scripting - A collective term used to describe building triggers (create, activate, bump) and commands (texture, move, etc.) commonly used within Active Worlds.
  • OpenGL - An interface through which the Activeworlds browser displays graphics.


  • Particle Emitter - See Particle Emitter.
  • PAV - Acronym for Personal Avatar.
  • PK - Acronym for Peacekeeper.
  • PBW - Acronym for Public Building World.
  • PPW - Acronym for Privilege Password, a second password used for logging in bots and acquiring rights of another citizen.
  • Prim - Abbreviation for Primitive, a basic shape used in certain worlds for building.



  • Renderware - The graphics engine used by the Activeworlds browser.
  • RWX - The file format used to store most 3D objects in Activeworlds.


  • SDK - Acronym for Software Development Kit. See also SDK.
  • Sol - Describes an isolated single world environment, much smaller than a Galaxy. See also Solserver.


  • Telegram - Describes a private message sent from a citizen to another citizen.
  • Tourist - Describes a "guest" AW user, or a user that has not paid/registered for a citizenship.
  • TY - Acronym for Thank You.



  • Vandal - Describes someone who defaces and/or destroys builds with malicious intent.
  • VRT - Used to describe Virtual Reality Time and is the time zone of AW. It is equal to GMT-2.


  • WFS - Acronym for Waiting For Server, used to describe when the connection to the world has been lost.
  • World - See World.
  • WB - Acronym for Welcome Back.