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I'm working on a new Main Page here, so don't worry about needing to update this.

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Welcome to the ActiveWiki, a virtual encyclopedia dedicated to the Active Worlds software and its respective 3D universe. ActiveWiki supports 1,697 legitimate articles (4,879 Pages; 34,519 edits!) and counting!

ActiveWorlds (AW) is a 3D virtual reality platform where users assign themselves a unique name, log into the universe and explore 3D virtual environments that other users have built. Users can chat with one another or build structures themselves from a selection of objects in private or publicly owned land. The intuitive building system allows even the most inexperienced users to pick-up and begin building their own environments right away.

The browser, available for free download, also has web browsing capabilities, voice chat, streaming media and instant messaging which allows users to connect, explore and create more in-depth and interactive environments.

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Feature and change list of Active Worlds 6.1.
Development of Active Worlds version 7.


  • Citizenship in ActiveWorlds is free since June 15, 2013!

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Did You Know... (edit)

  • ...that in both December 2008 and 2009, AWI renewed all expired citizenships for one month, and in 2010, AWI renewed both citizenships and worlds for a month?
  • ...that there have been over 145,000 posts to official Activeworlds newsgroups and forums?
  • ...that in version 4.2 and later there are customizable skinned avatars?
  • ...that you can start building simply by downloading Activeworlds, logging in and finding land in a world such as AWTeen?
  • ...that 4.1 was the most anticipated version of Activeworlds in several years, and sported more than 30 new features?

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