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Build 1700 - 1750
Release date

Jan 2021 to Aug 2021



New features

Planned Features

Version 7 is a major system update.

The goal of version 7 is to integrate major parts of YouMe3D::Collab, collaborative tools, including live screen and cam sharing.

Version 7 entered development state mid 2020.

Tech notes for 11+ y/o computers

Main stream Intel and AMD based computers built before end of 2009 may not support AVX SIMD instructions. Computers built earlier needed Netburst Technology, when only some high-end CPUs since around 2002 came with that feature.

In order to run YouMe3D::Collab on discontinued/old hardware the 32-bit legacy version still may work, if the CPU supports at least SSE2 instructions. See Windows 32-bit Legacy at the YouMe3D::Collab download page.

AW::Browser 1701 - StarTreck Enterprise

2021 Jan 22

  • Initial Release - security update

AW::Browser 1702-1703

2021 Jan 26

  • Allow using the one account for the AW Browser and YouMe3D (i.e. mobile) concurrently.
  • Updated youtube access script for embedded VLC media player.

AW::Browser 1704 | YouMe3D::Collab

2021 Feb 10

  • YouMe3D::Collab added desktop sharing to on macOS.
  • YouMe3D::Collab on macOS for Apple Silicon M1.
  • AW::Browser & YouMe3D::Collab fix glitches with secondary login (*-prefix for name).
  • AW::Browser Disable winter specific theme at initial launch.
  • AW::Browser Update VLC Media Player API to recent version 3.0.12 (security updates).

YouMe3D::Collab 0.76

2021 Feb 19

  • Order user-list and thumbnails by state and name.
  • Notify user visually and audibly on incoming message.
  • Bring up message-tab when clicking the paper-plane icon on visual notification.
  • Indicate presentation-mode within thumbnail per user.
  • Pre-amplify and pre-compress volume of microphone signal slightly.
  • Fixed a potential crashing issue when capture source is minimized.
  • Fixed messages not always synced with AW::Browser.
  • Note, AW::Browser must be running in order to receive all messages when they are read via YouMe3D::Collab.

AW::Browser 1705-1706 | YouMe3D::Collab 0.77

2021 March 1

  • Added telegram journal system to AW::Browser for synchronization of messages (see tips in forums).
  • Auto-resync to journal every 4 minutes for AW::Browser and YouMe3D::Collab.
  • Add VAD (Voice Activation and signal suppression) to AW::Browser if headset can not be detected.
  • Fixed AW::Browser could trigger a mover when activating free-look mode via taskbar.
  • Fixed AW::Browser could crash on voice-audio-device association.


  • Add moderated-mode capabilities to YouMe3D::Collab.
  • Add rating display to Rooms list of YouMe3D::Collab.
  • Add VAD (Voice Activation and signal suppression) to YouMe3D::Collab in free-hands mode (speaker symbol).
  • Re-arrange user-thumbnails YouMe3D::Collab when tabs are open and resized.
  • Keep presentation-window of YouMe3D::Collab in a default 16:9 ratio.
  • Fixed YouMe3D::Collab screen-capture crashing on long window-titles (i.e. long URLs of fb's link-routing).
  • YouMe3D::Collab for 64bit Windows comes with the AW::Browser as optional addon - Menu/File/Addons/YouMe3D::Collab.

AW::Browser 1707-1712 | YouMe3D::Collab 0.78-0.81

2021 March 2-5

  • Fixes towards message synchronization.
  • Switched later updates to SSL/TLS.

AW::Browser 1713

2021 March 7

  • Ensure everyone got the most recent builds.
  • Servers: omit voice stream sent to yourself, when logged on via AW::Browser and YouMe3D::Collab to the same world / room.

AW::Browser 1714 | YouMe3D::Collab 0.82

2021 March 7

  • Consider global bots disabling chat, but relaying through console messages.

AW::Browser 1715

2021 March 8

  • Only keep unread messages stored in the local telegram database and fully resync the telegram list when launching AW::Browser or whenever switching login accounts. See forums for a full description.

AW::Browser 1716-1718 | YouMe3D::Collab 0.85

2021 March 11-12

  • Fixed minor glitches with the recently rewritten telegram / message list.
  • Omit position-hover highlighting for touch devices.
  • Added indicator for moderated rooms (mod) to the rooms list.
  • Added Forgot Password and Create new account functionality to YouMe3D::Collab, for an independent standalone app.

AW::Browser 1719 beta

2021 March 19

  • Render engine update - replacing RW components one by one.
  • Pure hardware based shader driven render.
  • Legacy RW remains as alternative graphic engine, Retro OpenGL removed.
  • Matfx replaced, trying to get close to previous appearance.
  • Filmstrips no longer render mipmapped.
  • Polygon-Shadows consider up to 20 times more polygons than before - looks far better, but may slow down a scene if used inefficiently.
  • Images and textures are scaled to power-of-two dimensions for best performance.
  • Loading of content no longer loads incremental cells in visible range.
  • Locked overhead view is the default view perspective, and the last chosen view will be applied at next start of the AW::Browser again.

AW::Browser 1720

2021 April 8

  • Public release of 1719.

AW::Browser 1721

2021 April 10

  • Render text to texture for signs and presenting these non-mipmapped caused mipmap level failures on other textures eventually.
  • Disabling static shadows until we have a shader equivalent for it - removing the old polygon-overlay method. Shadows of avatars remain.
  • Added model geometric information to the object selection dialog.

AW::Browser 1722

2021 April 11

  • Fixed a crashing issue when closing AW:Browser without previous login.
  • Applied seamless normals for matfx on primitives to get a glossy effect even on flat surfaces, to get closer to the appearance of RW.

AW::Browser 1723-1726

2021 April 21

  • Made SSE2+ a minimum requirement.
  • Fixed a crashing issue when converting image formats to native formats.
  • Fixed a visual glitch that may have occurred with non-power-of-two sized images.
  • Fixed an issue with the BMP reader using incorrect stride for bit-depths less than 16 bit.
  • Improved multithreading stability.
  • Added support for 1-bit-depth b&w bitmap images.
  • Updated VLC's YouTube playback capability.

AW::Browser 1727-1728

2021 April 24

  • Healed skinned avatars, including CAV, from a tourettes syndrom that eventually occurred on some animation sequences if certain shape modifier were applied also.
  • Maintenance and clean-up.

YouMe3D::Collab 0.86 | 1729

2021 April 29

  • Fixed an issue eventually failing first when entering a room.
  • Updated AOM video codec to 3.1.0 for Android, macOS and Windows.
  • Updated Android build for Android-X compatibility.

AW::Browser 1730

2021 May 9

  • Cumulative security updates

AW::Browser 1731-1732

2021 May 14

  • Fixed an issues with render text to texture for signs eventually erasing AO effects.
  • Ensure main window is visible at the time when creating tabs, to reduce the chance the telegram list eventually would not display correctly.
  • Disable unnatural looking Ambient Occlusion render for underwater scenes, as been in the past with nVidia-only AO.
  • VLC Media Player SDK to 3.0.14.
  • Cumulative security updates for downloads from OPs and external picture urls via HTTPS, and anti-tracking for content retrieval.

AW::Browser 1733

2021 May 16

  • Filter invalid characters cut & paste into telegram text for possible web-site specific icons or fonts included (typically from facebook).

AW::Browser 1734

2021 May 17

  • Fixed an issue with avatar sequence blending, that also kept CAV's bone modifiers ('sliders') from fully working.

AW::Browser 1735

2021 June 14

  • Security Updates.
  • Fixed an issues with bump teleport commands.

AW::Browser 1736

2021 July 11

AW::Browser 1737

2021 July 30

AW::Browser 1738

2021 August 1

  • Fixed an issue with the world entry coordinates.
  • Addd an option to the world entry point for randomized initial landing location.

AW::Browser 1739

2021 August 14

  • Fixed voice not reconnecting after privilege change or re-login.

AW::Browser 1740

2021 August 18

  • Embedded Web updated to CEF / Chromium v92.0.4515.131.

AW::Browser 1741

2021 August 27

  • Embedded Web updated to CEF / Chromium v92.0.4515.159 (identical build as current Chrome became available for CEF, we'll keep for LTS).

AW::Browser 1742

2021 September 4

  • Fixed an issue with multiple depreciated animate used as timer address the same objects by name (aka animate-lag-bombs), but changing to different textures and masks constantly. Asides of unintended flickering as a result of fast texture switching, this eventually caused a crash.

AW::Browser 1743

2021 September 10

  • DPI awareness declarations for Windows 8+ and Windows 10 went into the aw::browser manifest – following Microsoft’s recommendation for Windows 10.

AW::Browser 1744

2021 September 15

  • Usage of incorrect mask texture formats (i.e. PNG, GIF) for light-mask, water-masks or cloud-masks in world feature settings eventually caused a crash.

AW::Browser 1745

2021 September 28

  • Next update for the render, improving quality and 'crispness.
  • Extended zoom level and speed up response of mouse wheel.
  • Fixed a floating point math issue on matrix rotations and Euler angles.

AW::Browser 1746-1748

2021 October 5

  • Fixed various glitches with avatar animations and CAV settings.
  • Improved avatar animation blending.

AW::Browser 1749-1750

2021 October 10

  • Reintroduced matfx on CAV.
  • Introduced pure shader render pipeline.
  • Utilize AVX2 and AVX512 instructions sets when available.

AW::Browser 1751-1756

2021 October 29

  • Transition and Tests - from v7 32bit to v8 64bit for the Public Free Universe.

AW::Browser 1757

2021 November 4

  • Pure shader render for v7 32bit for the Public Free Universe.