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Never give your login password to anyone!

Your login password, or citizen password is the password that you use along with your citizen name, to log in to Active Worlds as a registered citizen.

If someone else has your password, they can steal your citizenship from you! You will lose your ability to log in as a citizen, and worse yet, before your account can be restored the thief may destroy all of your property. If this happens your property cannot be recovered!

Remember: if anyone claims that they are working for Activeworlds Inc., or that they are a system administrator or any other type of official, and that they need your password, they are lying to you in order to steal your account!

Employees of Activeworlds Inc. will never ask for your password. Report incidents of password theft to immediately.

If you would like someone else to share access to your account, consider using a privilege password, but don't take this lightly. Always remember that your reputation is on the line whenever you choose to share your privileges, because you may be giving that person access to things that other people have entrusted you with access to. So, be very selective if you are going to even consider sharing your Active Worlds Privilege Password, and remember:

Never give out your login password!

How do I manage my password?.