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(For the article on how to build and manipulate movers, see: Mover)

(This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change)

Movers are a new feature available in version of the 4.1 Browser (Build 950). Movers are objects that can be moved around within the world, either automatically or under the control of a user. From the user's point of view, a mover is just another kind of object to build in the world. It is a persistant part of the world property, and has a dialog where the user can change the mover properties. However, from the SDK point of view movers behave similar to avatars.

Note that a bot must have caretaker rights in a world in order to control a mover. A bot can receive mover events of other users at any time, also without caretaker privileges.

The SDK is able to fully control movers and their behavior. It can add or remove them from the world, add an avatar as a rider, and set the mover in motion.