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BC and JVP
Urbanist firm

Neophyx City, America





"Designing a better world"

BC, originally named BCA for The Building Company of America, is a virtual development company playing the role of an urbanist firm founded by Nyxboy(then named Buga) in the world of America in 2001. It has been renamed BC during in charge of Daliaxy in the galaxy of Newfoundland in October 2002 and kept it as its official name since then even if the company relocated its headquarters in America(Neophyx City) but can still unofficially be called BCA.

Builds History

Nyxboy's building realisations under the BC juridiction include;

-The Financial CT District, America 2001

-Daliaxy CT, Newfoundland 2002-2003

-Neophyx City, America. Including the major restructuration plans like the NC6 Project. 2003 to present

-The Transamerica Freeway, America 2006-2009

BC Headquarters in Neophyx

JVP Development

BC and JVP
JVP logo gif.gif
Urbanist firm




  • Sedan, 2008 - Present
  • Sedan Int'l Airport
  • Sedan Central District
  • Sedan Road Network
"To think, design and actualise"

JVP is Nyxboy's new company cofounded with Mariobros in charge of the development, regarding such as, architecture, urbanism, object conception and construction matters in the world of Sedan also where its headquarters will soon be built. Running independently it is still considered a sister company of BC. It is not official, tough considered, that the two compagnies could merge and so that JVP takes BC as its division in America and be renamed as JVP there too. BC's main headquarters would then be transferred to Sedan and their current office located in Neophyx would become the head office for all future development in the world of America.

JVP Development also operates on building sites under the name of JVP Construction, a subdivision of JVP Development in charge of the construction of the projects in Sedan.

Picture of a building site in Sedan showing a JVP crane

Builds and projects

  • The development of Sedan in general, Building Site Phase (2008–Present)
  • Sedan International Airport, SIA (2007–Present)
  • Road and freeway network of Sedan (2006–Present)
  • Central District of Sedan (2006–Present)

See also

  • Sedan - A populated city from a tropical archipelago.
  • Neophyx City - A very dense city in the world of America.
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